Anagram Crackers

That last post was rather short. Here's another rather short post. But this one has anagrams! What's an anagram? Look it up!

NightShade: Hades Thing
Nikodemus: Kind Mouse
Emerald Flame: A Realm Fled Me
Merle Mango: German Mole
Talzhemir: Harlem Zit
Felorin: Fern Oil
Cormallen: Roman Cell
sanctimonious: Insomnia Scout
Chaos Serpent: Chaste Person
NiteMyste: My Net Site
Philantha: Alpha Thin
ShadowBorn: Hard Snob... Ow!
Warfrat: Fart War

Water City: We Cry At It
Sanctuary: A Rusty Can
Haven Guild: Huge Van Lid

And last but certainly not least...

Furcadia: CIA Fraud