AOL Bye?

Ok, so it was claimed that the AOL guy had been finally banished from Furcadia, until a few hours (or days, whatever, time is relative) later, when he returned to his previous antics on Furcadia, like a kid who can't stay away from the cookie jar (i.e. Klass).

So, what happened, you may ask? Did the ban fail? What's the deal? Felorin claims he used a different computer. What does this mean? Well, if you're a rich snob, you can harass anyone on Furcadia, and when they ban you, just get a new computer. It's that simple. You will be omnipotent in the land of Furcadia. All will bow.

Of course, we all know that's bull. It's not as simple as just getting a new computer. There was a real reason the banning didn't work, and it's not because sanctimonious is a bad programmer. We would never say something like that on record anyway, we would never say "sanctimonious is a bad programmer". That would be mean and wrong.

No, there is a real reason that the AOL guy's ban "failed", and we know why, and soon you will too.

Secret logfiles are cool...

Felorin: Are you crazy? It's too soon. You can't go out harassing people again. Some furres aren't that stupid. They will notice!
AOL Guy: Sorry, Felorin. It had been a couple days, I thought everyone forgot about me.
Felorin: Most furres have better memories than that. Chaos Serpent remembers everything everyone says for years. He only forgets what he himself says, that's why he repeats himself so much.
AOL Guy: So, it's not bad. Just say that I got on a different computer and you couldn't anticipate that.
Felorin: Yes, I will say that, but it's not as simple as that. I also have to make someone else look bad in the process, so I come out clean.
AOL Guy: Why not Chaos Serpent?
Felorin: No, he makes himself look bad enough. I can't really say anything that will make him look worse.
Felorin: I'll have to use Youlanda. I think I can twist her latest post around enough to make her look like she's the bad guy in this whole deal.
AOL Guy: That will be just as good. >:)
Felorin: Besides, she owes me. She had the pleasure of seeing me in my pajamas when we met IRL.
AOL Guy: Hehe.
Felorin: And I'm also going to say I banned your "second computer". Now don't screw up again. If this happens again, it's going to be really hard to convince everyone.
AOL Guy: Don't worry. I'll stay low for at least a month or two. Also, I'll post on the message board that I give up and am leaving for good.
Felorin: That sounds good. Ok, I'm going to start writing my post now.
AOL Guy: Alright, I'm going to log on as my other main alt and take care of some business.
Felorin: Sounds good. See you later.
AOL Guy disappears.
Felorin: la la la...
Felorin: This is going to be good. >:X)
Felorin writes and writes and writes...
Shadowborn: Greetings, Felorin. Long time no see, eh? ;)
Felorin laughs. "You said it. ;X)"
Shadowborn grins and goes for a walk.
{S} Shadowborn shouts: Oops! Some furre named Krum was walking slow in front of me, and I accidentally booted AND banned him! Clumsy me! :P
{S} Shadowborn shouts: Serves him right for having such a name. _
Felorin chuckles and continues writing.