Big Balls

Yesterday was the big masquerade ball held by the FAoF, which stands for... um... what does that stand for? Hm... I think it stands for Fuzzy Apples of Furcadia, but it could be something else. Oh, just go to here and figure it out yourself.

For the most part, the ball was alive and jumping and crowded with many crazy furres. It survived a couple server crashes and Stoinker's drunken streaking rampage through the art gallery, which a reporter caught just a glimpse of.

Merle: AHHH! My eyes!!!
Merle runs away.

The ball proceeded with minimal ejections, but a few troublemakers had to be removed. Magic Cat and Liliah got into a little scuffle, and some scrathes were thrown. Burma and Agrajag were caught making out in one of the sit rooms, and had to be escorted out.

Burma: Look dude! WE'RE ON RANDOMISM!! :D
Agrajag: SWEEEET!
Burma: DOOOOD!
Agrajag waves madly.
Natalie: Move it, bichcakes!

Clawz even made an appearance at the ball, although nobody knew it because he was dressed up as Fana McCloud, and he did a pretty good impression. Although, the trained eye could guess it from the description.

(You see Fana McCloud.)
It's Fana in her Star Valkyrie costume for the Masquerade. _ Visit for a picture. OH! And go check out That site is so EFFING hilarious!

Probably one of the most exciting moments of the evening was when Randomism teamed up with the FAoF to wish Klass a happy birthday, and surprise him with a card made by none other than the head of the Randomism Art Team. Here it is, here!

Klass was heard to remark "what the hell?" I guess he forgot his own birthday. Silly kitty.

Woo! So much going on! What else happened... oh yeah!

There was this big dance contest thing. Six couples danced for approximately three hours non-stop. According to the contest rules, the last couple left standing would win the grand prize, which is getting mentioned in this article. Finally, the winners were Kestrel and Pernese. Before our reporter could interview them, Kestrel passed out.

Pernese: This is the best day of my life since I won that tic-tac-toe game against Shadowborn. I'd like to thank M'Rill, and my parents, and Kestrel, and Merle and Natalie, and...
Kestrel: -.- zzZZ
Agrajag points at Kestrel: Haha!
Natalie: I thought I told you to get out, freek!

The first furre to pass out on the dance floor was Vlady. He only lasted about seven minutes. He was wearing a cute little ballerina outfit, which was really supposed to be Klass's birthday present from us. But our delivery guy screwed up and gave it to Vlady instead. And Vlady didn't even think twice about it, he just put it on and went to the ball. Silly mousie.

Vlady's partner, Lady Darkie, had this to say.

Lady Darkie: I'm so miffed. I went to all this trouble to dress up just like Vlady, and then he goes and puts that stupid pink tutu on. And then he messes up the contest for us, and I really wanted to be mentioned on Randomism! Oh well.

Another fun part of the ball was the bot named Immo, the Acrobot. Here is the results of one of the many games played.


Acronym: RANDOM

Lady Darkie with 9 points. [Roon's Ass Never Dies, Oh My!]
Merle with 5 points. [Really? A new drawing of me?!]
Mishi with 3 points. [Rodents are nicely drawn! orange milk?_]
Stoinker with 1 points. [Run! A naked dude! Or... me?_]
NiteMyste with 1 points. [Returning again.... News..... driven once more....]


And there was a whole bunch of other stuff too, but I guess you had to be there. And if you weren't, well then... Haha! We had fun and you didn't! That will teach you to miss stuff! Maybe you learned your lesson and now you will be sure to stay on Furcadia 24/7 in case something else happens. Or maybe not. Well... As Klass would say... "Ta!"