Ban them all!

If you had a chance to read the message on the FurreUhmm before Sidereal deleted it and banned Chaos Serpent from the board, then you are aware Chaos Serpent has banned all of AOL from his website. (If you had a chance to read another message that was deleted, it said that Randomism will "wither and die" without Chaos Serpent on the FurreUhmm. Funny how that one was deleted. We deny any affiliations with Sidereal or the FurreUhmm.)

Entropy Serpent: I don't get it. I banned all of @$!#ing AOL from my #%$&ing site, and I still get mother@$!#ing harassments.
Radu is a weenie: ahahaha! u suck es!
Entropy Serpent: See?
Felorin: Yes, it's a mystery. I thought banning AOL from Furcadia would solve the twink problem, but it just made things worse.
Felorin likes radu: u r a twink felorin!
Felorin nods.
Entropy Serpent: I don't get it! AOL is the cause of all my frustrations and angers! I thought if I got rid of it everything would be @$!#ing wonderful!
Radu's big toe: @$!# you es! ur a moron!
Entropy Serpent: Now things are @$!#ing worse than they ever @$!#ing were!
Entropy Serpent: I have 10^2 times as many @$!#ing people harassing me as I did before!
Radu yiffs himself: hahahahahaha! AOL r00lz!
Entropy Serpent: How can you get them to stop it Felorin?
Cormallen: es is a big fat dork! hahahaha! lol!
Cormallen: er.. sorry, typo
radu is a l00ser: es is a big fat dork! hahahaha! lol!
Entropy Serpent: @$!#ing @$!#!!
Felorin: I don't know. I let Talzhemir handle all that stuff now.
Talzhemir: I know it doesn't make sense, but these twink control laws never work.
Talzhemir: You can put bans on major twink manufacturers (i.e. AOL), but for some reason that only seems to increase the production and illegal use of twinks.
Entropy Serpent: WTF do we do then??!
Talzhemir: The only logical solution is to legalize twinks and harassers.
Entropy Serpent: You mean make it ok to @$!#ing mother@$!#ers to @$!#ing @$!# me off??!
Talzhemir: It's the only way. When it's illegal, that makes furres want to do it more.
radu's @$!#ing tail: i will alwayz harrass u!
Talzhemir: It's a known fact that online communites that allow harassment have a much lower harassment rate than those that have rules against it.
Talzhemir: You might get harassed a lot more at first, but it will be a small price to pay for more peace and happiness in the long run.
Entropy Serpent: That's because you are the @$!#ing AOL MF!
Talzhemir: Of course I am. Why else would I be interested in someone like Vlady?
Felorin: You said that was over!
Talzhemir: Oh, it's over. I just haven't told him yet. _
Felorin: Well, it will be hard for you to tell him since I banned him from Furcadia. :X)
Talzhemir: LOL!
Entropy Serpent: Hey! You are not talking enough about me!
Talzhemir: Oh yeah, like I was saying, if you remove the AOL ban from your site and we remove our rules against harassment, I think we can expect to enjoy a much more peaceful Furcadia.
talz likes little boys: yah u want 2 b harrased!
Talzhemir: I love you too. _
Entropy Serpent: Hmm... maybe I'll try it, but if it doesn't work, I'm going to @$!#ing hack your mother@$!#ing computer until you didn't recognize it anymore!
Entropy Serpent: And then I will ban from my website! That will get rid of all my harassers!
Talzhemir: That sounds fair. Good luck. _
Felorin: If you ban XXX from your site, I know I won't go there anymore. :X)
Entropy Serpent: @$!#