Before They Were Furres

Furcadia is a wonderful, magical place where, as a furre, your imagination can get sore. We think that's how it goes...

But the furres you hear so much about in the news on websites and such weren't always furres. They all started out just like the rest of us, a soul lost in a big unknown universe. And they themselves were unknown, just as we were. Yes, we all had a common beginning that binds us together in the fabric of space and time.

In this series we take a look at some of the early lives of some of the more well known furres of Furcadia, and explore their lives before *they* were furres.

Episode 1: Felorin and Talzhemir

These two have been a team for an incredible amount of time. The above picture was taken when they were very young kittens (Felorin is the one in the pink bow). They have always shared an unbreakable bond that has kept them together through good times and bad, to the present day.

Felorin and Talzhemir have had their share of differences over the years. Even back in the kitten days Felorin's prankster tendencies shone brightly. One of his favorite pranks to play on Talzhemir was to wait until she was drinking out of the milk bowl, then sneak up next to her and slam his paw on the bowl, drenching Talzhemir with the milk. Then he would run off and Talzhemir would get in trouble for spilling the milk. Talzhemir would always get her revenge, however. One time just as Felorin was about to smack the milk bowl, Talzhemir's new canine friend Mikes jumped out of nowhere and pinned Felorin to the ground, and held him there for several hours, growling and drooling on him, while Talzhemir happily lapped her milk.

Growing up, Felorin and Talzhemir seemed to become separated by their interests. Talzhemir's favorite pastime was walking around in mud, then going into the house and spreading her paws around on the white walls. She was continually scolded for this, however she found she could not resist the temptation to make images on the walls. Over time, the marks that Talzhemir made on the walls began to take recognizable shapes. She found herself making many a likeness of Felorin and other friends.

Felorin, for his part, occupied himself much of the time out in the yard with the twigs and leaves that fell from the trees. He would arrange them in certain ways so that each twig in his design had a purpose. At first, he just made simple, flat designs on the ground. As he became more experienced with manipulating the twigs, he began to build structures that were larger and rose further up from the ground. He made his share of errors, and many times his structures would come crashing down, but he never gave up. He continually strove to make them bigger, better and more fun to play with. At times, he would take breaks and play in the leaves. He found that he enjoyed taking a leaf and folding it into an interesting shape. He made shapes out of many leaves, and gave some as presents to Talzhemir.

At first, neither Felorin nor Talzhemir took much interest in the other's activities. They were both quite occupied with their own hobbies and they both thought the other's interests were pretty boring. However, as time went on, and as Felorin's twig structures got bigger, they found themselves spending a lot more time together. Talzhemir began helping Felorin decorate his twig designs with his folded leaf contraptions and, eventually, her own mud paintings. It was then that they discovered that they completed each other, and they vowed never to let anything get between them again.

Felorin and Talzhemir eventually became known as the furres mainly responsible for making Furcadia the place that it is today. They have become two of the most popular celebrities in Furcadia, and their names have become household terms. Now you know how they started and where they came from. And so ends this episode of "Before They Were Furres".

Until next time... Ta!