Before They Were Furres

Furcadia is a wonderful, magical place where, as a furre, your imagination can get sore. We think that's how it goes...

But the furres you hear so much about in the news on websites and such weren't always furres. They all started out just like the rest of us, a soul lost in a big unknown universe. And they themselves were unknown, just as we were. Yes, we all had a common beginning that binds us together in the fabric of space and time.

In this series we take a look at some of the early lives of some of the more well known furres of Furcadia, and explore their lives before *they* were furres.

Episode 2: Cormallen

Coming from a family with a long history of being race horses, Cormallen shocked his parents at a very young age, when he told them he wanted to be a show horse. He was always looking at himself in the mirror, admiring himself, always making sure he looked just perfect.

When he was in his teens, Cormallen's parents noticed that he was growing into quite a handsome young stallion. They decided to let him pursue his dream of being a show horse. Cormallen's owner started putting him in shows, and Cormallen became an instant hit.

All the young mares noticed Cormallen, too. He was the talk of the stables. Cormallen tried his best to ignore their constant flirting and focused on his upcoming shows. However, one young mare, by the name of Medley, successfully seduced him one night. After that, his life changed. He was found in the mare stables nearly every night. One night before a show, Cormallen was nowhere to be found. Finally, a half hour before the show, he was found in the forest sleeping behind some bushes with Rhydia. He was covered in dirt and leaves, and had scratches on his body. He was obviously in no shape for the show.

Even all cleaned up, Cormallen was no longer show horse material. Night after night of staying up late at parties had taken its toll on his physical appearance. After losing seven consecutive shows, ending in very last place for the last two shows, he decided to quit the show business. Nobody paid attention to him anymore, not the judges and certainly not the beautiful mares. Cormallen declared his life officially over.

He finally went back to his family, sad and depressed. His father told him that while his appearance might not be what it was before, he still had the blood of a race horse in him. Perhaps it was time to make a career change. Cormallen decided to give it a try, as he seemed to have no other options. He knew he was a fast runner. He learned that from all the times Aedina would play hard to get and he would have to chase her down.

So Cormallen started running in races. He wasn't a smashing success as he was in his days as a show horse, but he was good enough to be recognized. He eventually adopted the nickname Fast 'n Ugly, and horse racing fanatics from all over the neighborhood came to see him run.

Today, Cormallen runs all over Furcadia, chasing twinks and rule-breakers. Now you know where he came from.

See you next time!