Be My Friend! Please!

If you weren't aware, there's a great place where you can sign up to be the friend of sanctimonious! That's right, you can be his real friend! Just go to here and fill out the small form, and you will suddenly be someone important!

Anyway, it seems that someone filled out the form, and the information got sent to us by mistake. Seems like faulty programming on the web server to us. In any case, we didn't feel like finding sanctimonious's email address to forward it to him, so we will just post it here, since he visits this site religiously.

Name: Krum
ICQ UIN: 84525785
Credit Card #: I don't think so.
URL to a picture of you, your drawing or a screen shot of your character to be put to the Friends Page: DORK.jpg
Profession/Education: Maker of bots to annoy Owsla, self-educated, with help from Stoinker
Age: Older than Klass

Describe shortly something funny about you, which sanctimonious may put on the Friends Page and get all the credits of being funny.
Refer to my picture.

This question needs to be filled only by the persons who did not fill in their credit card number above: Describe shortly why sanctimonious would like to be friends with someone who doesn't trust him.
Because I gave him my credit card number before, and he bought wings for all my alts with it, so I had to have that card cancelled and get a new one. If I give him this one, I'll end up with 273 dragon characters.

List shortly thrity Furcadia characters you use the most.
Oh boy, where do I start?
Krum, Ogroin, Klass, Burma, Akabi, Nicklas, Krem, Bombur, Diana, Courtney, Elannah, Owsla Helper, Nikodemus, Kram, Master Socket, Anonymouse, Xaa, Emerald Flame, Agrajag, Pad, Shadraw, NiteMyste, Gyus, Krim, Youlanda, Woolen Socks, Krom, Valkaria, Veroicah, and Felorin.

List shortly your Furcadia friends and their power levels.
Aimee: She has the power to claim one as her "bitch", no questions asked.
Sylver: She has the power to get married to the same bot every other week.
Ryhn: He has the power to crash anyone who looks at him.
Cormallen: He has the power to follow Ryhn around saying "Good job crashing those furres!"

List shortly your Furcadia enemies and their power levels.
Talzhemir: She has the power to make me do the laundry as my Felorin alt.
Chaos Serpent: He has the power to call me a stupid, stupid, stupid.
Vlady: He has the power to carry out an entire conversation by grinning and nodding and using only the words "heh" and ";)"
Krum: I have the power to spend 98.6% of my time logged on Furcadia AFK.

Are you a member of any Furcadian guilds or guild like communities, including groups such as "guys who sit around the Ed quite often"? If so, which ones?
Well, I wore the ring of the Circle for several months without ever going through any novate tasks or a ringing ceremony, and nobody ever said anything about it. Does that count?

In two hundred words or more, describe what kind of person you are.
Well, describing a Krum can be a difficult thing to do. To describe a Krum, one must ask oneself, "What am I doing pondering the description of a Krum? Have I gone completely insane?" Then one would most certainly check to see if one is Natalie. If one is Natalie, then one will have already forgotten what one was pondering, say "GORGLESNURF!" and proceed to chew on oneís toenails. On the other hand (or the other paw, or the other hoof, as it were) if one is not Natalie, then one would have to question oneís grasp of reality, because certainly one should not be wasting oneís time with such a conundrum as "What is a Krum?" because a Krum cannot be merely described in words, such as "remnant of a cookie" or "small piece of dried bread". It takes more than a simple string of words to describe a Krum. One must therefore look deeper into the couch of oneís inner soul, pull away the cushions, dig around for a little while. This is one way... this is the only way that one can find the true meaning of the Krum. And here are eight more words for you.

In two hundred words or more, describe why you want to be a friend with sanctimonious.
Being a friend with sanctimonious would be one of the greatest thrills of my life, because to be a friend with a hypocrite, while being myself a hypocrite, would introduce a paradox so perplexing that it would rekindle my interest in Furcadia that I seemed to have been missing for so long. I would once again rally my legion of bots against the Owsla, all the while charming Emerald Flame so that she approves it and encourages it, and everyone thinks that itís legal and normal, and even Felorin congratulates me for it. This being coupled with the fact that Nikodemus is out of my hair for the next few months, I can easily overcome Vlady, become the lord and master of TLI, and a gain a position in Furcadia higher than Shadowborn. My first action as Friend of sanctimonious would be to remove this damn two hundred word requirement for these questions, because I donít find it as easy to ramble out my thoughts as Pegasus77 does. Oh, and one more thing. I also want to be the friend of sanctimonious because if something ever happens between him and Gunnthra, and they split, I want first shot at her.

What is the question you hoped me not to ask, and how do you answer to it?
I was hoping you would not ask when I will have the next version of DogProxy ready for you to put on your site. I would answer it like this: "I thought you didn't want anyone to know that I was doing the programming for that."

What is your relationship with the Owsla?
You don't have a choice for Master.

Yeah, right.

Did you really consider the answer options of the question above funny?
Oh yeah. I was laughing my Klass off.

Did you lie during this questionaire?

If your answer to the question above was "Yes", please list the questions you lied to.
I lied to "Did you lie during this questionaire?"