Bar Brawl Breaks Out In Water City

In the midst of Water City's Oktoberfest, a time meant for peace and love and fun and laughter, things started to get ugly during tonight's drinking contest. It all started when Shandusky set her eyes on Water City (the furre, not the city, doofus). Water City had been hitting on Youlanda for quite some time, and Shandusky finally got fed up and attacked Youlanda. Then, like dominos, the entire bar full of furres began to fight with each other. It turned into a huge riot of mass confusion. Here's an excerpt from the log.

Water City purrs and snuggles Youlie.. resting his eyes.
Youlanda: *hic* wanna get.... laid?
Water City: sure, Makanshi too =p
Makanshi: NO
Makanshi: HEWW!
Water City plays with Youl's hind paws.
Shandusky: Scuse me.
Shandusky: Hello?
Youlanda waves cutely to shand
Shandusky growls angrily
Youlanda assumes a fighting stance
Youlanda: sayonara sucker
Shandusky: Hold on.
Youlanda flutters cutely
Shandusky: OOCH!
Water City: Can't stay on your feet for more than a second..
Water City: nope... Down they fall.
Water City grumbles
Raldax: Makanshi started it!
Makanshi stands: Yup. ;)
Valkaria beats Maka, "It's your fault!"
Makanshi: I DIDNT MEAN TO!
Valkaria is quick. ;P
Makanshi: On gaurde. ;)
Valkaria: NO!
Makanshi: Yup. :P
Valkaria: Touche.
Water City: Valkaria, you've got a stomach of steel, lady. _
Valkaria grins.
Makanshi hides
Valkaria: Dangit.
Electra-chic: want something phoenix?
phoenix2000: 's gun hand feels itchy
Electra-chic: ok do you want something phoenix?
phoenix2000 fires
Water City: I'll tell you when you stop using caps
phoenix2000: i just went through the desert
Water City: Yea, but you're also an ass with a foul mouth, phoenix.
phoenix2000: kiss mny ass
phoenix2000 breaks the glass
Water City: It's Sake time!
Raldax: Kyahhh!
Catreena screams
OrangeFriend: YEAH BABY!!
Sutani: AHHHHH!
OrangeFriend starts saying werid stuff
Sutani hiccups a few times
{S} AdrianShepard shouts: holy shit
OrangeFriend: damnet!
OrangeFriend is pissed
SuperGIZMO falls over in pain
Catreena falls over, drunk
PeaceSanatra stutters
Tarl NineHeart: hahahoe!!!
Natalie: Holy cheeseflakes. O.o
Natalie: I reckon I missed something while I was gone? :P
Merle: Nettles!
Natalie: Murl!
Shandusky: This is no time for chit chat
Electra-chic: dude ppl leave
OrangeFriend: Jeepers!
Raldax brushes the tuft of Burma's tail
Burma: wtf
Ryfenne pokes Adrian in the eye
AdrianShepard: azhhhh
Ryfenne thwaps Adrian
AdrianShepard: hey
Electra-chic: anyone wanna go up to a room wit me?
OrangeFriend: Yeah!
Water City: BOOM
Water City: Ha!

And then, like magic, everyone was gone. Of course, Water City claims that none of this happened. To quote Water City itself:

Water City: BS, check the website