Breathe, Breathe Out the Air

Would you like to hear a little story?

[ Felorin whispers, "Ok." to you. ]

Ok, so anyway, there's these big dragons running around Furcadia and shooting weird looking pixie dust out of their snouts, and the rumor is that you can pay $50 to Dragon's Eye and get one yourself... but not yet. For now, we just have to let Puff, Nikodemus and sanctimonious waltz around Furcadia like big shots, spraying everyone in the face with fairy dust and running off going "AHAHAHAHA!!! Stupid furres!" How much longer do we, the common furres, have to wait for the opportunity to be big Furcadian bullies? When can we order dragons for ourselves?

[ Felorin whispers, "We don't know when, and sorry, no advance sales. We hope it will be soon." to you. ]

You hope it will be soon... Yes, we all know about the "bug" where the dragon's breath "randomly" causes every client in its range to "crash". Of course, what a great tool for the privileged to have, eh?

Twink: u cant boot me i idint brake eny roolz!!!!!1111
Puff the Magic Dragon: You're right, I can't boot you.
Twink: ha!!11 looser!!1111
Puff the Magic Dragon blows beautiful magic into your face.
Twink: hay!!!!11 thats not fare-
Puff the Magic Dragon smiles sweetly and trots off.

Suddenly, Puff, Nikodemus and sanctimonious are the Super Owsla, who can boot anyone at any time without reason, just like the old days when Xaa booted Runner and his alts all the time. It's no wonder they are still in "testing". So, should we be expecting the dragons to be officially released any time soon?

[ Felorin whispers, "No." to you. ]

Well, you heard the cat. Don't hold your breath. The dragons certainly don't.

Special thanks to Flarez, who submitted the logfile to us, which we extracted the Felorin whipsers from. We salute you, fellow Randomist!