What's with all the server crashes lately? If you thought it was Chaos Serpent, think again! We followed around an Owsla task force whose mission was to find and eliminate the MF responsible for the repeated crashes. The task force consisted of Felorin, sanctimonious, Ryhn and the secret Owsla Vlady. Here's some footage.

Felorin: All the evidence points to you, Nicklas!
Nicklas: Whatever...
Vlady: Nicklas, give up. The data gave us the general area of who crashed the server. It was either you or Kiwi, and we all know Kiwi wouldn't do such a thing.
Nicklas: Yeah.. Right..
Ryhn: This guy isn't cooperating. Let me blow pixie dust in his face!
Felorin: No, no. We want him alive.
Ryhn: Ok.
Nicklas grins.
Vlady: Ok, if Kiwi did it, then you know about it. Where is she?
Nicklas: I don't understand the question.
Vlady: Don't give me that @$!#! I know you know where she is!
Felorin: We'll have to take him in for interrogation. Timo!
sanctimonious: Gimme your paws, lord Nicklas. You are under the arrest.
Nicklas: Sorry, sanctimonious, but we don't serve that here. Try whispering "menu" to me._
sanctimonious thwaps Nicklas
Nicklas ejects sanctimonious.

Felorin: Hmm... He shouldn't be able to eject an Owsla from Allegria.
Ryhn: I told you to let me at him!
Felorin: Now Ryhn, don't get overexcited.
Ryhn: I T()73ld you tpo ))*#%.. AHHHHHHH!!! *&@#*^$^@!*(!*JSKJA
Ryhn explodes.
Nicklas: heh
Felorin shakes his head.
Felorin: Nicklas, you are making this harder than it has to be.
Nicklas: I heard my name.
Felorin: Yes, you did. Now are you going to come peacefully or do I have to crash this whole server again?
Nicklas: You should ask Klass.
Felorin: I intend on it.
NightShade III: Everyone get out of here! I want to upload my dreeeeeeam!
NightShade III: Come onnnnn!!!!!!!!!! :'(
NightShade III: Felorin! Why won't everyone moooooove??!!
Felorin boots Nightshade.
Vlady: I say we incarcerate Klass and put him to torture. He is also one of Kiwi's minions and he can be made more.. willing to talk than Nicklas.
Felorin: I agree. Let's clear this place out and then go get him.
Felorin boots everyone.
Vlady waits until they come back and boots them again.

Blobby: We are the blobs!
Blobbert: We are the blobs!
Blobbu: We are the blobs!
Blobbo: We are the blobs!
Bloob: We are the blobs!
Blubber: We are the blobs!
Steve: We are the blobs!
Blobby: We will make you talk!
Blobbert: We will make you talk!
Blobbu: We will make you talk!
Blobbo: We will make you talk!
Bloob: We will make you talk!
Blubber: We will make you talk!
Steve: We will make you talk!
Klass: AHHHH!!!!
Blobbo bites Klass's tail.
Bloob: Tell us where Kiwi is now!
Klass: Never!
Blobby: Tell us now or I will french kiss you!
Klass: You can't break me!
Blobby french kisses Klass.
Klass: AUGGGHHH!!!!
Steve kicks Klass: Tell us!
Klass: NO!
Blubber jumps on Klass and knocks him down.
Klass: You'll never get me to talk! OWW!!!

Blobbert gooes all over Klass's face.
Klass: EWWWW!!! UGGHH!!
Bloob: Tell us you bitch!
Klass: NO!
Steve emits some more goo on Klass's face.
Klass can't breathe!
Blobbo: You better tell us then!
Klass mrffs and stops moving.
Blobby: Uh oh...
Blobbu: What will we tell Felorin?
Bloob: Hey, this was our first torture! We'll do better next time.
Steve: yeah! That went good for a first time!
Blobby: YAY!!
Blobbert: YAY!!
Blobbu: YAY!!
Blobbo: YAY!!
Bloob: YAY!!
Blubber: YAY!!
Steve: YAY!!

Have you seen this bot?

Name: Kiwi De L'eau
Last seen: Water City Bank
Crime: Crashing the server multiple times
Known aliases: Pisces, Emerald Flame, Master Socket, Karinia, KyFreak
She must be considered armed and EXTREMELY dangerous. If you see her or any of her alts, you are advised to immediately press ctrl-x and run and hide under your bed, or in a bomb shelter if available.