Happy Claps

If you're happy and you know it, read a log!

Felorin: Well, how did it go?
sanctimonious: Very good, lord Felorin. I had a few trouble with Shadraw, but he bribed me with this.
Felorin: What is it?
sanctimonious: Clap your paws _
Felorin claps.
[#] Server goes down.
Felorin: Hey, neat!
sanctimonious grins
Felorin claps.
[#] Server goes up.
Felorin: Way cool! :X)
sanctimonious: it should make our life many easier :)
Felorin: Absolutely.
sanctimonious: How is the Oktoberfest doing?
Felorin: Let's check.


[*] Fucia rolls 1d10 & gets 2.
[*] Zanders T'thol rolls 1d20 & gets 14.
[*] AdrianShepard rolls 1d21 & gets 19.
[*] Makanshi rolls 1d20 to see if Nick has a hot ass: (10) = 10.
[*] Valkaria rolls 1D20 & gets 17.
[*] IcE~Mist~ rolls 999d1000 & gets 498665.
[*] phoenix2000 rolls 1d20 & gets 1.
[*] Klass rolls 1d20 & gets 0.
[*] Talzhemir rolls 1d20 & gets 21.
Klass falls over drunk.
Talzhemir grins evilly and winks to the sky.


Felorin: Well, looks like they're having fun. ;X)
sanctimonious: yeah, and lord Klass only drank one ginger ale.
Felorin: He is a disgrace to all cats.
Felorin: No, I'm just kidding.
sanctimonious chuckles
sanctimonious: So, what are you going to be for halloween?
Felorin: Well, I was thinking of being a Morpius, but that's what everyone is being this year.
sanctimonious: yeah, the ugly scary costumes are very popular.
Felorin: So I figured I would be unique, and be the Invisible Cat for Halloween.
Felorin: "Where is he?" they will ask. "I don't know," others will answer.
sanctimonious: _
Felorin: And all the while I'll be up here, with my paws ready to clap the instant someone starts having fun. >:X)
sanctimonious: That is a very good costume :)
Felorin: I thought so. :X)
Felorin: What about you?
sanctimonious: I am going to put on a hat with a tag in it that says "Press" and pretend to be a reporter.
sanctimonious: Then I will go around and make interviews with famous furres, like Procyon and Daine.
Felorin: Sounds fun. :X)
sanctimonious: Then I will twist them around and sell them to Randomism or something like that. _
Felorin: Cool!
sanctimonious nods
Felorin: Well, it's about time for me to go. But one thing first...
sanctimonious: What is that?
Felorin: Let's give a huge round of applause for everyone who read this logfile excerpt all the way through.
sanctimonious: good idea _
sanctimonious applauds
Felorin claps wildly.
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