Reader Comments

You may think we don't care what you think. Well, we usually don't. But sometimes what you think is just as entertaining as the content of the site, so we post this here.

"Lol, my compliments to everyone who ever helped out with this page. If you ever wanna use my name go right ahead." - Tigarion (2000.11.07)

"*giggle* I wub j00 V :D *giggles and runs away*" - Shadow Kestrel (2000.11.04)

"I'm a big fan of Randomism (if that's possible) and as I go to your desc joke thingie, I scroll down to the bottom and realize you included my desc...I'm so honoured...I get to brag to all of my friends. >:)" - Chia Bane (2000.11.04)

"durrhoi. i love your page?" - Catreena (2000.10.29)

"Great job guys. For some odd, random reason, I decided to put you on my Palm...I even managed to fit the pictures in!" - Trokair (2000.10.10)

"I've been like.... reading this site while I should be doing work-ness.... uhh.. I THINK ITS TO DAMN ADDITCTIVE!!!! and/or funny ^_^;; Anyways, great page, it IS the funniest site I've ever seen, if you take it down I'll kill you :p And the rateing is: Siskel and Ebert give it.... er... Shadowborn and Felorin give it, 2 furre thumbs up ^-^" - Tigra Inverse (2000.09.29)

"Hee hee! This stuff is great! As they say, to appricate a parody, you have to know the original..and good god do I know it..." - Sia Rethoria (2000.09.26)

"to all you up and coming anit Randomists... I've got one thing for you. *turns around and lifts up her cape to display her rear end in it's purple leotard* Kiss.... My.... Assassin ass! *waves it around* My cute tiny petite little copyrigthed assassin ass... Hey, ass isn't a filtered word... ^.^ Randomism rocks, and anti randomists suck. Bam!" - Youlanda (2000.09.25)

"Haha, you said slapstick. WASSA BONER?!" - Philantha (2000.09.22)

"Great stuff! I even have you on my palm pilot, for utter nonsense whenever I need it!" - Baru Kuma (2000.09.22)

"randomism is the best, why? cuz they posted part of my logfile, dedicated it to me, and make fun of felorin :)" - Flarez (2000.09.21)

"Oh this is wonderfully mindless. :)" - Yamako Yonaka (2000.09.16)

"Now this isn't tuft to read, infact it's hilarious. Slap stick humor at it's best poking fun at everything and everyone, who could even get ticked off at it? It's all in good humor. Definatley worth a visit. Rating: 5 Hairballs" - Tala (2000.09.12)

"I especially like the Conspiracy Theorist stuff about the owsla. Also, as Master Socket says in "Socket to me", "Let there be Oragami"! Anyone want to go wear felt cat masks at FurtherConfusion 2001? Heh. FLC. Rating 5 Hairballs" - Kyle (2000.09.12)

"Hmmmmm. Loose Html you say? *looks at the page source* It's generated, the only problem I see with it is that CuteHTML doesnt' understand the diffrence between the BR and P tags. Silly thing. I like the content, the layout is simple, but kinda bland. Still a great site though. Rating 4 Hairballs" - Kara (2000.09.12)

"2 out of three Comprehensive Lynx agree: This site kicks ass. You make being a Comprehensive Lynx not so tuft!" - The Comprehensive Lynx (Tala, Kara, Kyle) (2000.09.12)

"Yes, it is the great and powerful Karoo! She has come with the grand forces of bald bunnies and yodeling ferrets; Therefore, you should fear her. Also fear the randomisms. For no apparent reason. *dies*" - Karinia (2000.09.11)

"Hey did you know your site has a button with Submit written on it? Wonder what it does..." - Zephyr (2000.09.09)

"lmko wtf lol u guys r dorks espicilly vlady lolmao rofl ;X) Okay. Enough of that. Give me $50 so I can get a dragon and terrorize a small, defenseless town with my magic rainbow fire breath" - Burma (2000.09.06)

"Oh, my. Looks like it's time for another comment from me. Yay, Vlady! You go, girl!" - Merle (2000.09.06)

"Can't...resist...the...pretty...button... It' (Yes, this time I'll also say I like the site. But just don't tell the voices I said so.) *click*" - KyFreak (2000.09.05)

"I don't know, I just feel like clicking buttons." - KyFreak (2000.09.03)

"Attention everyone, I love Nick. Oh yes, and I like the site too." - Philantha (2000.09.03)

"Tom Green would be proud of you......" - NiteMyste (2000.09.03)

"A regular old Furcadian version of Royal Canadian Air Farce!" - Merle (2000.09.02)

"Wow. A form. Heehaw, neato." - Philantha (2000.09.02)

"I love you, Vlady!" - Merle (2000.09.02)

"Randomism is the funniest web site I've visited for a while" - sanctimonious (2000.09.02)

"*chuckles... and loves the site and ideas greatly....." - NiteMyste (2000.09.01)

"Formey wormey! Yay!!" - Merle (2000.08.31)