Ctrl-A is for ACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Pop quiz hotshot. Which Furcadian map has the least lag? If you said The Vinca, you win a pookie.

If you would have claimed that the Vinca was the most lag-free map in Furcadia yesterday, or any time in the last year, furres would have called you an insane Natalie. However, as of today, this seems to be the case. What happened? Well, our friends of the ocular region of mythical winged serpents, installed today a bug that allows one to use the Ctrl-A to leap to the Allegrian world. Since 99.8% of furres who go to the Vinca go there only to get to Allegria, the well-known Vinca lag was stolen... no, no... RAVISHED by Allegria.

We at Furcadian Randomism do not think this is right. Sure, Allegria has existed in Furcadia much longer the Vinca, and in that respect deserves all the lag it wishes, but the Vinca was *built* for lag. It was designed to be the holder of the main portion of Furcadia's lag. Think about it. Using a map as small as the Vinca as the central point of gathering for Furcadia's traffic was the most ingenious idea ever to come from an online game programmer. Instead of letting the lag flow freely over the mass of Furcadia, it gets balled up in this little place hardly big enough to park your little wooden cart.

The Vinca is the best home for lag. That's where the lag truly belongs. Without lag, the Vinca is nothing. The Vinca without lag is like a river without water, or a sky without clouds, or Klass without cookies, or Chaos Serpent without ASM, or sanctimonious without hypocrisy. It just becomes a vast nothingness in which emptyness and darkness prevail.

Please, our precious Vinca does not deserve this torture. It has given so much and asked so little. Please, furres, express your outrage over this recent act of cruelty. Don't let Allegria win this battle. Allegria should not have the Vinca's lag, it's just not right. Allegria is acting like a stuck-up vet picking on the poor newbie that is the Vinca. Let us all join together and kick Allegria's Ctrl-Ass.

Thank you,
The staff of Furcadian Randomism