Interesting Descriptions

A description can tell you a lot about a furre. It can tell you more than they meant it to tell you. Some furres are quite creative with their descriptions. Others, it seems, just close their eyes and smack at the keyboard for a few seconds. However they are created, it can be quite interesting to go around and read furres' descriptions. Here are just a few examples.

(You see FrostedFire.)
18IC...datz all u dwags needa know bout meh.

(You see Nathen.)
Looks at you and laughs. He coughs alot. He loves clair more then she loves him! hehe

(You see Nick|at|Knight.)
Hey, I say... [WC residue #4084] [IRL name is Chris...but who gives a damn] [Don't mind my name, I have never been taken to TV Land] [Single and unsure if I'm looking (My friends have stopped posing as females..but there's always the possibiliy)] [Used up all 5 of his zippos -.-] [Now I need to get more lighter fluid] [Varitable kingpin of the monkey farm] [Wearing a tuxedo for some reason] [Currently in a bet with Artful Dodga] [Likes to play 'Whose Line' games]

(You see Krillinn.)
Yes, Yes, its me, Krillinn, a little bald-headed monk with some great skills. Im friendly and single so gimme a shout! Coyote Ugly worker : Jackal

(You see Oerat.)

(You see Laced|Ice.)
Quit smoking IRL and is very very pissy and may not be to nice right now. Usually a generally nice furre_ Twin to Symphonee

(You see Fabion.)
A furre, In need of a Mistress. [Slave]

(You see Lisza.)
You're too nosy.

(You see Philantha.)

(You see Headwires.)
dr. e is in tha house

(You see Zethia.)

(You see Clumsy.)
Did you know that When i'm god everybody dies??

(You see Arctica|Wolf.)
A young Arctic Wolf usually spotted alone. Because of this most do not know his name and only call him Arctica. He real name is Naoko. He is friendly but will bite, will lick you for snacks. [walks on all 4, but can stand and walk up right] [can speak] [ ]

(You see Necro's|Kitty.)
___I LOVE NECROJOKER___ [ICP Rulez!] [Shaggy 2 dope] [Violent J] [Jugglette] ___NecroJoker is my kitty damnit!___ [Psycho kitty on prozac] [_It's my Birthday today_] [Did I ever tell you I liked ICP? Thought I'd remind you_] [OH! Before I forget, I want to make sure you know this... I LOVE MY KITTY NECROJOKER!]

(You see Juice|Con.)
This furre is a member of WC [has Aim and Aol] Tusk to Dawn, He drinks alot of Juice but on this internet chat called Furcadia he drinks beer, has friends which r Icy, Fad, Krytes, Bloise, and more, [I don't know what happened last summer]

(You see Sethlick.)
- Sethlick Ti'Flameweaver -

(You see Water|Falls.)
Hello!(dateing The...Dark furre)

(You see Sa'sha|Tella.)
[slave, looking for male owner] [likes rough sex] 5ft2, large breasts, trim waist, rounded hips, and a beauty. Black tube-top, black skirt. Friends-[FigmentX] [Xhorig]

(You see Deklan.)
ummm say Hi! I wont bite unless you want me too *wink* _

(You see Sketchy.)
You look at her and wonder whats shes like,maybe you two could become friends then she yells out loudly *I AM KINKY* and you quickly say no and walk away as she whispers *and insane* 15 years old dont teach me how to drive.Long blue hair tied into piggy tails.Likes giving people makeovers.

(You see Sarget|Mathew.)
Big Bad and good looking.

(You see Spacer|P.)
Spacer Pilot______

(You see Natalie.)
Super groovy bichcake. "The most likely person to end up in a hospital for the criminally insane." - Krum.

(You see Quatres|Soul.)
BOOO. (IM Quatres Soul)(You see nothing but air)

(You see Gold|Lynx.)
Goldy issa sleepy ZZZzzz....

(You see CRINEL.)
hi im a nice guy i like to talk if you do to talk to me loves to reed alomst an owsla works alomst every where if yuo find him reeding sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh be quwite has a flameing long sword has a flameing long bow,has a flameing long sheald

(You see Fyre|Inferno.)
Mr. Earthworm likes Ice Cream. ^-^

(You see Shorah.)
I am powerfuler thanyou, no mater what! I am invincible! I luv 2 yif!Whisper me 2 yif me! [mother to FyRe InFeRnO!]

(You see Chia|Bane.)
Click me baby one more time...