Interesting Descriptions 2

This is what you get when the budget is low. You know the drill.

(You see Complete|Balanced|Breakfast.)
Eat me.

(You see doh-za.)
doh-za Help! I've updated, and I can't get out!!!

(You see Kalmkat.)
Just here.

(You see kalmkitty.)
I am a friendly furre blah blah blah i'll write a longer desc later. hehe

(You see mini tiff.)
hi! im tiffernys bot.please do not talk to me .but if tifferny asks you to talk to me go ahead.

(You see 024.)

(You see Leix.)
Hey _

(You see Ravier.)
A furre, very content with himself. [Single]

(You see Stoinker.)
"The lunatic is in my head..." [TLI] [AURA] [ ] --- KitProxy 1.6.8 - FBM v2.0.3 - www.PocketUniverse.Net AFK for 00:11:34 - MorProxy -- KitProxy 1.6.7 ; idle 61 minutes. DogProxy 1.05 Made by Furbot.

(You see Shelly baby.)
You see a young unevolved wolf standing before you.Idreas gave her a bath and now her fur is soft and shinny.She is very friendly and will sometimes do tricks for a treat.[Master:Idreas][dating Skynare___]

(You see Crucible.)
A barren void of desperation...last bastion of hope...crumbled like the love I once felt...mask of hate and anguish, unfeeling apocalypse... Nice to meet ya, the name's Crucible___

(You see c yogie.)
hi i'm yogie a strong fighter whith a short temper.very nice and kind,friendly to.trying to find where I came from or why i'm mom and dad died by a crazy man when i was1.wonders alone lonely loves to talk so wisper me [single and looking]member of high crew

(You see Karinia.)
[What colour is -your- underwear today?]

(You see darkred.)
darktwo died but he ressurected in this body.he likes friends especialy girls.

(You see Carlie-Beth.)

(You see Damon|360.)
Died Aug. 28 2000 at 1:01 PM [Ghost]

(You see cloudburst.)
Yes yes I know I know I got a lame desc so what? what's it to you? ahh shut up! >:P [yiffy] ahh these fuhkin brackets go to hell (come say hi to me) (single and staying that way) (ic) (insane) (don't like me? bite me :P) (nekkid, please stare)

(You see Ruk.)

(You see AirAngel0016.)
protecter of olaya moon,bi ,yiffy

(You see Sylver.)
MY GOD! SHE HAS A SPORK! Run for it!

(You see Luzifer.)
TOT I am satan, or Luzifer ... blah ..

(You see Nyadia.)
Slave to Soul Rider 17.

(You see Ajuda.)
*Want's help with the update*

(You see Muligan.)
Yo Hommie

(You see Blizzard`Star*.)
Why hello there. Thank you for poking me. Now you deserve to be poked *PoKe*. ::Smirks evilly:: Soo.. why did you poke me anyways? You wanna know my desc? Okie.. I'm not gunna explain what i look like.. becuz well you can see me. ::Points:: Anyways.. Enough rambling..[Stats: 14/f/can][Taken][Quote: Moo foo the foo moo][P2C Roadkill guild][I LOVE YOU NEO! YOU SEXXIE BIATCH, YOU!][*Waves to Hel* Heylo!_]

(You see Natalie.)
I hev a shiny coin. That makes me significantly better than people around me. "The most likely person to end up in a hospital for the criminally insane." - Krum.

(You see Glue.)
Yep.. the incredible edible wacky hyper Glue.. waiting for an adventure.... so boring... [Member of FAoF -- ] [ ]

(You see Tinra.)
Her eyes look right through you. You keep looking at her, transfixed on her eyes which are turning a misty blue. All of a sudden, you feel empty, and realize that she just read your soul.

(You see Tybaltius.)
Cable Modem = $35/month
Furcadia + Wings = $21.95
Furcadia Anonymizer-Proxy = $0
The look on an owsla's face, when you come back, 2 minutes after being banned, just to harrass them again = Priceless