Interesting Descriptions

"That character description is your chance to introduce yourself to other players, to give them a paragraph of information about yourself." - Sidereal

"A GOOD desc will open the lines of communication with others if you are new faster than most anything." - NiteMyste

"That's a laugh." - Groupie

(You see AmberGal.)
Don't trust anyone that can't even spell their own name right. []

(You see Mission.)
Magic'z sexy bitch ;d [Crutches(White pilla)] [Halloweenified] [Costume---"PuNkin Mission"] [Shy-Collar(tug once){Magic Kitty's only;P}] [Always humming a song about his girl] [Temporary Mute]

(You see Darkren.)
just as you see me

(You see tsamani.)
[vamp] purr.... watch yourself

(You see Kalistia.)
Today's quote is: "FAQ (Fah-Q)" [Taken] [Prone to typo's and Freudian slips] [Eats pillows] [Sister to Nyteshayd] [Annoyance to Loudsilence] [Shouts "JOYGASM!" sometimes for no reason] [Gets erked by "bums"]

(You see Skirmish.)
[Skirmish Ti'Sun Am'Shadraw]-YOU see before you a haggard, female, with a cigarette hanging from her mouth, curlers in her hair wearing a bagging house robe. She is always busy cleaning up after someone or gripeing about something. Awaits her prince in shinning armour. hahahhha! Well it is a dream. _

(You see Timito.)
A we-we-weird maine coonioon.

(You see Melisha.)
I don't have description because I change too frequently, and what describes me perfectly today will be completely wrong tomorrow (hmm... maybe that in itself is a description...) I love to talk!

(You see Barnia.)
Very yiffy and sexy.

(You see Sifter.)
!HeY! [_CrAzY CaNaDiAn_] [Calisa's twin] !HeY!

(You see Mishi [lovable].)
* Sorry, there's no furre around right now with a name starting with Mishi [lovable]! -- Beekin the Help Dragon

(You see Agrajag.)
It's time to get ill.

(You see Demon Darja.)
A huge angry dragon storms by you with incredible fury and rage. On the end of his tail is a huge deadly spike that can tear through any armor. His claws are tougher than diamonds and can also rip up any armor. He is able to spit fireball up to 800F. [Darjas demon form]

(You see Marlfox2.)

(You see Distances.)
For Halloween, I decided to be... Well, you figure it out. [Freek.] [Just like old times?] [Three-tailed! Whoopee!]

(You see QuiKSiLverDK.)
Whats up? Umm..Well HeHe is a way cool word and surfing is very cool..[single...lQQing][WC 1042][RS 222][Third Ostrich] METS ALL THE WAY BABY!!! GO METS!!!

(You see Sugar Lovely.)

(You see Fila.)
Its a bird! no-no its a plane! No its Sooper Fila! tada... bored like a bitch? then go to my crap ass web site >,< f8 now *:0D Wearin my super man shirt again with a toy mousie tied to my tail ^.^ His name is Hampton P= "My name is burnbaum, I help people" =^..^= Everyone knows Carl, my sock puppet _ and Gary my lobster =^.^= Have you hugged Fila yet tuhday? @.# [Member #6 of GigaBlast Clan] [Vice Leader] [I know Santa] [Long John Silver]

(You see tom the pimp.)
nice good looking cool

(You see Spiffica.)
Spiffica ish now a [punkin]! _ But, she's got a great idea... instead of reading about her in the description, you can use all those [social skills] and ask her! Resident #1787 in Water City.

(You see Rakim.)
[Owner:KuruptDog] [Creator:Shadraw] and yes i am a bot not a real furre =op

(You see crimson angelic.)
i am love, i am lust, i am passion at it's greatest!

(You see Dilwyn.)
I get up more nostrils than there are noses... [Dressed in Halloween Costume... oooh, spooky, sort of thing] [Transylvanian]

(You see Ryoko Ryo-Ohki.)
Hey hey, I'm Ryoko Ryo-Ohki, but call meh RyoChan or Ryo k? :D I walk around doing nothing and I am usally bored, so if your bored too talk to meh! I really need something to do! *LoL* Well, wisper meh if your bored K??? =D [engaged to the love of her life _Katakana_ *Love Ya*]

(You see SpAz MoNKee.)

(You see Mizerable.)
Bitchin' =P [qqqbsi] ^^ [artist... whatever] [flirt] [Jrock baby!!] [anime] [fire room grrl] [EAer] [Rah sezzay bitches of furc] For piccy requests, please go to [] To view my art, go to [hit F8] ^^ [Happy Halloween.. muwahah] [Quote: I'm gonna need some more clay!]

(You see Antidisestablishmentarianism-Boy.)
Is that legal?