Interview With Pure Evil

The cause of all of Furcadia's crashes has been discovered! And Furcadian Randomism was the first on the scene.

Note: This article contains celebrity _IMPERSONATIONS_ only. Don't confuse these with real furres.

Furcadian Randomism: Please state your name for the record.
Entropy Serpent: My names is Entropy Serpent, Chaos Serpent, Radu, Daeamon, Returner, Retaliator, USS. Defiant, Chaos Rift, Chaos Spawn, ../../../../etc/shadow
ES: But you can call me God.
FR: More like the devil, no?
ES: No. I'm much more evil than that.
FR: Ah, yes.
FR: So, anyway, tell us about your latest crusades. You've been crashing the Furcadia server?
ES: Yes. The AOL MF told me I didn't know an interrupt request from the back of my hard drive, so I crashed the Furcadia server to show him how evil I am.
FR: But surely you realized this would affect hundreds of innocent furres in the process?
ES: I thought over it for a few seconds, then I said to myself, Fu^& them all! No one is innocent. They are either evil or stupid. If they are stupid, they deserve it. If they are evil, they deserve it!
FR: Ok, so then being evil, you deserve it too?
ES: No, of course not, you idiot! I am the pure evil, I am above every other things!
FR: Oh yes, that slipped my mind.
FR: So what is going on with you and Talzhemir? I thought you two were friends, and now you're not?
ES: Not after I found out she is a member of Dragons Eye. I thought she was evil like me, but it turned out she is just one of the stupid.
FR: What did she do that proved her to be "stupid"?
ES: I went into a dream and walked into her and Felorin doing yiff. And just before I was booted, I noticed the hipocrit just entered the dream.
FR: Alright... Now I think we're bordering on too much information...
ES: I told you I am evil. :)
FR: I won't argue that. Now tell me, do you plan on crashing the Furcadia server again soon?
ES: Yes, I will be going to do it many more times in the next few days, when ever I get harassed on Furcadia or if someone posting negative messages about me. They will not get away with that anymore. All of Furcadia will suffer my fu%^ing wrath!
FR: Ok. Something to look forward to. So, how is your GMUD doing?
ES: It's doing good right now. I am having some bugs with map coordinate tracking. I think I am missing some calls to a register stack and messed up something in the loop-back. I know how to fix it, but I am busy now with Furcadia crashing so I will have to fix it later.
FR: I see...
ES: I added player classes recently, so you can either be a Stupid MF or a Evil MF or a AOL MF. You start as a Stupid MF. If you do good and crash the Furcadia server enough, you are upgraded to Evil MF. If you do things to piss me off enough (like tell me I'm not _PERFECT_), you are downgraded to AOL MF.
FR: Alright, well...
ES: When you are a AOL MF, you get random files sent to you that can... "take control" of your email system and make you send some... "bad" files to certain Dragon's Eye members. Then it erases your hard drive and sets fire to your fu%^ing house!
FR: Ok then...
ES: So don't make me mad or I might do something evil to you and then crash the Furcadia server to make me feel better. I might even make a ransom demand like I did on the Furre Enquirer forum. :)
FR: I thought you said that wasn't you.
ES: Oh yeah... Can you not post that in the interview?
FR: Of course. Consider it gone.
ES: Thank you.
FR: Well, I think that's about all the time we have for this interview. Is there anything else you would like to say for the record?
ES: Just one thing. I am evil, I am the best ASM programmer in the world, the Owsla are fu%^ed up, Felorin is going to pay for all his misdeeds towards me, the AOL MF will die, and I am evil!
FR: Ok, thank you very much for the honor and pleasure of this interview. We hope to talk to you again in the future.
ES: And thank you for because I am the most talked about furre on Furcadian Randomism. I must be very much popular for that.
FR: As long as you keep posting on the FurreUhmm, we'll keep making fun of you, don't worry about that.
ES: Goodbye, MF (My Friend)
FR: Later.