Furcadian Documentary

Welcome to yet another installment of Randomism's Furcadian Documentary.

In this episode, we explore the world of one of Furcadia's most interesting and mysterious lifeforms, the Owsla. The Owsla have one of the shortest, yet most intriguing histories of all Furcadian species. So without delay, we will begin.

Owsla evolved long ago as a mostly carnivorous species. They would prey on the more evolved, yet weaker species, such as Twinks and Newbies. The Veterans usually defended themselves fairly well against the Owsla, though a few of the older, waeker ones would sometimes get caught and consumed.

Though the Owsla appeared in the Furcadian wilderness significantly later than most of the other sentient species in Furcadia, they quickly evolved due to their hunting skills and outright fearlessness. It was not unusual for a single primitive Owsla to take on an entire herd of Twinks, and come out the victor. They simply possessed a focus and determination like none else.

Eventually, as with most other sentient lifeforms, the Owsla evolved into a more civilized species. They began to congregate into groups, and eventually formed their own society. They secured a lone island off the coast of Sanctuary, which is located just west of Dusk2Dawn. There, they set up the beginnings of their society, in which they formed a set of laws and regulations, and constructed their first government, consisting of one Chief and two assistants. The three most prominent members of the society were given these positions. Aedina Equinae the Talker and Xaa the Furious were named as the assistants, while ManekiNeko the Strange was named as the Chief, because she was looked upon as the most cunning hunter of the entire group.

After establishing and stabilizing their own society, the Owsla began to look abroad. They had impressed themselves with how much their own society worked, so they decided they should enforce their own rules on the rest of Furcadian society, not just their own. The Owsla began to travel to other Furcadian communities and established themselves in leadership positions all over the world. Although they were more civilized than their ancestors, the modern Owsla still possessed their carnivorous instincts. Communities of Newbies and Twinks fell easily to their iron claws. Any who resisted were simply eaten. The only species that, for the most part, succeeded in resisting the Owsla were the Veterans. Although, since the Owsla has taken control of most of Furcadia's Twinks, the Veterans have all but gone extinct today.

After the Giant Owsla Expansion (as the worldwide takeover became referred to), the Owsla again settled down. Only this time, they had become most dominant species in Furcadia, in control of most of the world. They lived peacefully for quite a long time, for the most part. One exception to this was when Xaa the Furious suddenly went completely insane and ran off screaming into the untamed wilderness, never to be seen again. There have since been claims of Xaa sightings all across Furcadia, in which he was reported to be telling stories, possibly mimicking Aedina Equinae the Talker. But, these are only rumors. Nothing has ever been confirmed.

Then came the Time of Uproar, as it was called. The Owsla explorers had recently discovered new lands, and colonists were sent to the two new large continents that were discovered, which were eventually named Acropolis and Imaginarium. The leader of the colonies in Imaginarium was the Owsla who replaced Xaa the Furious after he went insane. He was known as Shadowborn the Wicked, and he decided that he no longer agreed with many of the policies of Chief ManekiNeko, particularly the one that required all Owsla to wear clothing. He convinced his fellow colonists, including Gunnthra the Sleepy, to join him and return to the mainland to revolt against Chief ManekiNeko. Gunnthra's mission was to seduce sanctimonious the Stuffy, a loyal servant to ManekiNeko. She eventually succeeded in her mission, and with the help of sanctimonious, ManekiNeko was easily overthrown. ManekiNeko was banished to the badlands of Furrabian Nights, where she promptly disappeared into the shadows.

For her commending battle tactics, Gunnthra was named the new Assistant by Shadowborn, who of course named himself as the new Chief. Shadowborn invoked many of the Furcadia polices that are still in effect today, and under his rule, the Owsla have become a more secretive species, usually hiding deep in dreams or somewhere else that is well hidden. They now only feed on other species when it is vital for their survival. They keep, for the most part, to themselves. Some even believe they were only legend, and never really existed at all. Still others believe they will one day strike violently against society again. Only time will tell.