Double Meanings

This is a quote from the latest Circle meeting.

Emerald Flame: We will be moving the actualy server to another computer...but most players won't even know that happened.
Emerald Flame: Everyine should look and act the same.

Now, ignore the typos... Hehe, those are pretty funny... Everyine, LOL! But we were wondering exactly what Emerald Flame meant by her statements. In our efforts to provide the most accurate observations, we had two teams of scientists separately investigate this. Here is what each one came up with.

Team 1

Emerald Flame is trying to assure us that no furres will be altered in any way when we move to the new server. Every furre will act just the same as they always do, as if we never moved at all.

But... what if she is wrong? What if furres don't act the same? What if the new server has effects on furres that no one will expect? Think about it!

We would go into the Mycroft's bar in Meovanni, and everyone might be polite and kind and they would be talking about relevant things. The New Haven might be a place where new furres would be able to find help at every turn. Sidereal would be perpetually at the keyboard. Suck-ups like Gaurdian CRS would be harassing the Owsla, while twinks like Tybaltius Jr. and Presentiment would be sucking up to them. Ryhn would finally be booting the correct furres, while Nikodemus wouldn't be booting anyone at all.

It's a radical concept, we know. But what Emerald Flame said has gotten us worried. Why would she go out of her way to say that everyone (or everyine) will act the same when we move to the new server? This must mean that there is some doubt within Dragon's Eye, and that they really aren't sure what will happen to us when we land on the new server.

We have used advanced computer generation to predict how certain furres might act after the move. Just take a look at these crazy examples. The weak minded should not read these, for they are scary!


Doskias: Klass can you help me program my bots?
Klass: Well, absolutely. Always a pleasure to help out a fellow botmaker.
Barot: Want to eject me klass?
Klass: Certainly not. That would be rude of me.
Barot: Ok, you are quite a kind furre. _
Klass: Thank you. _
Klass hugs Shorah.
Shorah: Ew, get away from me.


Felorin smashes stuff.
[#] Stuff gets smashed.
sanctimonious: Dude, like, what are you doing, man?
Felorin: I'm destroying everything that makes the server crash! Like this dumb clapper! YAAHHH!
Felorin crunches it.
sanctimonious: You need to take a chill pill, freak.
Felorin: Never!
Somefurre: Felorin, when will the next update be done?
Felorin: Next Thursday at 6:38pm CST.


Draeven: Hm.. wanna RP?
Youlanda: Nah. That's getting old.
Draeven: Yeah it is. Gonna rant about it?
Youlanda: Nope. I don't want to bother anyone with my opinions. _


NiteMyste: Ok I just wanted to say that I'm working really hard on getting the next issue of the Furcadian Enquirer put together and put up online and I want to thank everyone for their contributions and things don't worry it will be up soon check back often ok bye _


So, be careful when we arrive to the new server. Watch your step. You might not be who you think you are.

Team 2

So, Emerald Flame says that everyone is going to look and act the same when we move to the new server. Are we the only ones that actually heard her say this? Don't you see? Dragon's Eye has revealed their plan for a new order on Furcadia, and everyone is so brainwashed that they didn't even realize it.

This is something that, we believe, has been planned for quite some time. A few months ago, we obtained this logfile of a conversation between Felorin and sanctimonious. At the time, we thought they were just joking, but after Emerald Flame's statements, we realize it is far from a joke.


Felorin: We really need to do something about this lag. Isn't there some way we can compress the data stream?
sanctimonious: If everyone has the same color codes, then that is much less data that we need to send all the time.
Felorin: You're a genius! Let's do it!
sanctimonious: Okay.


So, it must be true that everyone is going to look the same when we move to the new server. We'll probably all look like the Edit Furre, or even worse, NightShade III. On the bright side, new furres won't have to spend all that time choosing their colors and stuff.

But this is just the half of it. Emerald Flame said we will also act the same when we move to the new server, too. Why does nobody seem worried about this? They are going to make us all mindless drones, don't you see? It became even more scary at the meeting when Nikodemus stepped up to the podium.


Emerald Flame: Niko?_
Nikodemus just wants to mention that resistance is futile and you ALL will be assimilated! :P oh....and YAY!!__ too! :P
Emerald Flame grins_


So Nikodemus is in on it, too! We're going to be in a lot of trouble, because we will all probably be forced to act like him.

But STILL nobody seems to suspect anything! The fact that not one furre even appeared to be slightly worried makes us think that it is too late to do anything about this anyway. We might as well accept the cold hard reality that after next week, Furcadia will become an endless land of Nikodemuses, which all look like the Edit Furre.

Here's a concept sketch.

Happy Dreaming!

So, which team is right? You decide!