Fire Breathing Owsla

Apparently, there was a private meeting held in the public meeting place in the Sanctuary last night. We at Furcadian Randomism, with our endless resources, obtained an informant, who shall remain nameless. The informant attended the meeting, posing as someone who wanted to be a member of the Beekin Council, and took pictures and kept logs of the meeting, for us to thoroughly make fun of.

To everyone's surprise, dragons began to appear during the meeting. First, there was Puff the Magic Dragon. Yes! The real Puff! Puff came to Furcadia! Isn't that cool? Then everyone's favorite Owsla, sanctimonious, used his magic hypocrite powers to become a dragon himself.

And this was all caught on film by our informant. Unfortunately, the text part of his screen seemed to be deleted in the transfer. So, our writers, who are experts at lip-reading, had to estimate what was being said through close examination of the screenshot. So, again, we cannot guarantee accuracy.

So here you have, secret shots of the secret meeting. We apologize in advance for the download time. (Get a DSL!)

Here's one more picture of dragons, if you're into that sort of thing.

Special thanks to Klass for being our secret informant. We won't let anyone know it was you, Klass!