Dream This! 2

Apparently, a previous article was partially incorrect. Dreams were not taken away for good. Perhaps Felorin came to his senses, perhaps not. Either way, we celebrate with this.

Pointless text:

Critic A: Hey.. that kinda sucked ass..
Critic B: Has the quality diminished, or are they on some type suck-ass slump?
Critic A: I heard they have a new ass for editor in chief. I think his name is Krum.
Critic B: You mean the ass from the message boards?
Critic A: Yeah, that ass.
Critic B: Is he more of an ass than Klass?
Critic A: No... Klass is a total ass. Krum is a complete ass.
Critic B: I see. What asses.
Critic A: By the way, I think your criticism of the "AOL Bye?" article totally sucked ass.
Critic B: I think your criticism of me totally sucks ass, you ass.
Critic A: Ass. I mean, you didn't point out the fact that it had no creativity whatsoever. They used the same words over and over, which totally sucks ass.
Critic B: Well, ass, you didn't point out that Felorin doesn't chuckle. He cluckles. Just like an ass.
Critic A: Stop calling me an ass, you ass. That's like SO unoriginal. Ass.
Critic B: I give "Dream This! 2" only one ass. And I give Critic A only half an ass, for his half-ass remarks about my suck-ass criticism.

Just some dumb-ass excuse to use the word ass, since that word seemed to be stuck in the writer's head at the time. Ta!

Critic A: Ass.