Dragon Soul

This screenshot was sent to us by someone who shall remain nameless, unless the name is otherwise specified. However, the doofus didn't bother to send the entire logfile along with it, and we were very curious as to what else had happened. So, we put our logfile experts to work to extend this logfile beyond the viewable screen.

DarkThunder49: whats that?
You say, "It's a program I wrote in ASM that lets me make a copy of my screen at any time I want _"
DarkThunder49: how did u do that?
You say, "It's a simple program"
You say, "All it does is make some interrupt requests and push the value of each pixel on to the stack"
DarkThunder49: o i c
You say, "then it loads them into a file and uses some more interrupt requests to convert it into a jpg format so it will download faster"
DarkThunder49: ok
You say, "really easy, 12-year-old stuff _"
DarkThunder49: yeah
You say, "Unless you are a employee of Worlds Morons Inc, you could do it _"
DarkThunder49: ok lets go
You say, "ok"
DarkThunder49: ok, here we r
DarkThunder49: u sit here, & i'll go get the master
Entropy Serpent nods and sits
Felorin: Ah, Entropy my friend. I see you're enjoying your new dragon suit well. :X)
You say, "yeah _"
Felorin: So, would you like to keep it?
You say, "It only costs me my soul?"
Felorin: That's it. One soul is all you'll ever pay.
You say, "and I don't even have to tell you how I crash the server?"
Felorin: To tell you the truth, I've always known how you crash it. I just never fixed it because that gave me the option to blame all the server problems on you. >;X)
You say, "oh, ok _"
Felorin: Here are the terms of the deal.
Felorin: 1) All of your deleted characters will be restored.
Felorin: 2) All of your characters will be given dragons and wings.
Felorin: 3) You are free to roam Furcadia as any of your characters for the next trillion picoseconds. Once that time is up, your soul belongs to me. But that's not for a whole trillion picoseconds. Heck, I might even forget about the deal by then, in which case you would owe me nothing. :X)
You say, "I like the deal_ Where do I sign?"
[#] A stack of papers appears on the desk and a pen appears in Entropy Serpent's claws.
Felorin: Right on that dotted line...
Entropy Serpent signs and smiles.
Felorin: Pleasure doing business with you. :X)
You say, "The pleasure is all mi---"

You shout, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"