Secret Logfiles are FUN!

Well, our secret logfile staff was at it again. This time, they snuck into a meeting of a not-very-well-known club that exists in one of the darkest corners of Furcadia. They call themselves The Furcadia Leavers Club (what a corny stupid name, eh?) and they've been having secret meetings on Furcadia for a long time. We just HAD to find out what goes on in one of these meetings, so we sent in best spy for the job... Anonymous!

NiteMyste: Greetings friends... I would like to call to order.... This week's meeting of the Furcadia Leavers Club....
NiteMyste: I am happy to announce... that with my upcoming departure from Furcadia... That I now have left Furcadia enough times to be qualified for Gold Member status...
Xaa applauds.
Merle claps!
Leandria smiles and claps.
Clawz jumps up and waves his fist in the air "WHOOP WHOOP!!"
Runner grins and applauds.
NiteMyste bows... Thank you....
NiteMyste: Now.. the first order of business... We would like to welcome Merle to our prestigious organization.... Welcome, Merle... It's a pleasure and an honour to have you with us...
Merle smiles.
Xaa hugs Merle.
Leandria: Welcome Merle_
Runner: Welcome, Merle...
Clawz: GLad to have ya Merley!! We need more Green Haired musties in our Club. Yeah!!
Merle: Thanks everybody. _
NiteMyste: You're quite welcome...
NiteMyste: Next...
NiteMyste: One of the things... that I would like to discuss.... is how often a member of FLC should make an appearance in Furcadia... after they have officially left.....
Xaa: Well, personally, I would like it to be often enough to be able to properly advertise my latest projects.
Merle: And remember, the Merle in his story is NOT me!
Xaa mousie-grins.
Clawz: I like to come on ONce in a while and make a CAmeo
Clawz dances around
NiteMyste: Perfectly acceptable... We can't expect anyone to completely leave Furcadia... But we can't have members of our club wandering around Furcadia too often.... we might lose face...
Runner: It is acceptable to stay on as alts, correct?
NiteMyste: yes... as long as they remain secret alts....
Runner grins.
Runner: I have no problem with that...
Xaa: Of course. Everyone knows Runner has always been a master of alts.
Runner: Look who's talking, Xaa... We know that you couldn't have possibly done -all- of your yiffing as yourself.
Xaa: Don't start with me, Runner, I'm not in the mood.
Runner grins.
Clawz coughs up a hairball
Merle: Ew. Clawz, clean that up.
Leandria laughs.
NiteMyste: Alright...
Clawz looks around and grabs a copy of the Furre ENquirer and cleans up the Hairball
NiteMyste: Now... with Furcadia's new banning system in place.... Radu/Chaos Serpent's time on Furcadia is rumoured to be coming to an end....
Clawz crumples up the Paper and puts a Statue on top of it
NiteMyste: Will we be accepting him into our club? I would like to put it to a vote... Please give me your vote now...
Leandria: absolutely not
Clawz: Yah! I love that Guy!! He likes my Comix and stuff
Xaa: He seems like a good kid, why not?
Merle: I never really liked him. I would have to say no.
Runner: Who?
NiteMyste: Hmm... Runner... the votes are split even... we will need a vote from you.... whether you know him or not....
NiteMyste: Just say yes or no...
Runner: Um... I'll say no, since Xaa said yes.
Clawz: DAMN!!
Clawz: oh well
NiteMyste: Okay... Now does anyone have anything that they would like to talk about?
Xaa: Yes.
Xaa: First of all, I would like everyone to visit You can listen to music that -I- wrote and composed and performed all by myself. You can also join also join my e-serial, and read my books that -I- wrote about the furry world of Oerth.
Merle: Like I said, the Merle in that story is NOT me.
Xaa: Next, I would like to suggest that we conduct a survey or somehow do some research to determine the reasons that decent furres like us feel inclined to withdraw from Furcadia.
Xaa: I myself had many reasons. One major one was when they told me I could no longer boot a jackass for simply being a jackass. I mean, what is this world coming to when the Owsla have to have a -reason- for booting someone?
Runner: Oh yeah, I know you loved to do that, Xaa...
Xaa: Dammit Runner, I don't want to get into it with you today.
Runner: Of course you don't...
Xaa: Next thing we know, you'll be calling me a Nazi again.
Runner grins.
Clawz: me I just got bored with Furc and got hooked on UO WHEEE!!! *spins around on a hat*
NiteMyste: interesting.... Perhaps this is something we could work on.... I'll think about it and then we can talk about it at our next meeting... For now I must bid farewell... as I have work to do...
Merle: Goodbye Nite, see you next week.
Clawz: L8rz do0D!!
Clawz practices his UO talk
Xaa: Take care, Nite.
Runner: Farewell, NiteMyste.
Leandria: bye nite _
NiteMyste pads off into the shadows.....