The Club Continues

You wanted the best.... you got the best..... The greatest club in Furcadia.... FLC..........

NiteMyste: Good afternoon.... welcome to yet another meeting... of the FLC.....
Merle: Hi Nite! Hi Everyone! This club is so cool. _
Clawz: Yah it IS!
Xaa nods, "Yes, it is. And my writing is coming along great."
Krum: Hello.
Merle: Krum, what are you doing here? You didn't leave Furc, did you?
Krum: Well, I figured that I'm on Furcadia just as often as any of you guys, and I have tons of alts, so that should more than qualify me.
Xaa: And he had the experience of running Xaa's Village for a while, so he has a good reason to want to leave Furcadia.
NiteMyste grins... You are always welcome here, Krum....
NiteMyste: I would also like to welcome a guest to our meeting.... Please give a warm hello to Zybolt...
Merle: Hi! _
Krum: Hello.
Xaa: Welcome.
Zybolt: Thank you, nice to meet you all.
Clawz: HEy was that You who made NoteServ whisper me that I'm Sexy??
Zybolt: No that was Mech.
Clawz: Are You MEch's alt?
Zybolt: No.
Clawz: Yah right
NiteMyste: Zybolt says he will be with us until his.... issue... gets settled by ShadowBorn....
Zybolt nods.
NiteMyste: That means you'll be here with us for.... 2... 3 years then...?
Krum:: If he's lucky.
Zybolt: Something like that. I'll wait for ShadowBorn for a few weeks, and when he doesn't respond, I'll email Felorin again. Four months later, when Felorin responds, there will probably be a new Chief Owsla and Felorin will tell me to talk to him or her.
Zybolt: Until then, I've brought NoteServ with me for all you to play with. _
NoteServ whispers, "The Circle sucks ass, don't you think so? Emerald Flame and Leandria can bite me. Let's boycott the Circle. Are you with me? I know you want to." to you. ]
Zybolt: Oops, I thought I took that out. _
Krum: suck ass?
Xaa mousie-grins.
Clawz: HE did it AGAIN!! He said I was SEXY!!
Clawz: no wait that was someone else
Merle: How's the Furre Enquirer going, NiteMyste?
NiteMyste: Wonderful.... we updated yesterday.....
Merle: Oh yeah?
NiteMyste: Yeah... I added some <center> tags inside my <div align="center"> tags....
Merle: Cool.
NiteMyste: How about your web page, Merle...?
Merle: I really haven't been working on it too much. But I'm doing some artwork for another really cool website.
NiteMyste: Excellent... keep up the good work....
Xaa: I have a web site too.
Clawz hits F9!
NiteMyste: oops... well.... we will miss Clawz, won't we...?
Merle: Oh yeah, definitely.
NoteServ whispers, "Clawz is sexy." to you. ]
Krum: heh
Zybolt laughs.
Zybolt: I am such a top rank botmaker. _
Xaa nods.
Xaa: You know, at one point, I was considered the best botmaker on Furc - and I STILL never bothered to make a bot as interesting as NoteServ.
Xaa: There are some jobs that, in the end, aren't worth the effort.
Zybolt: Oh well.
NiteMyste: Well.... that about wraps up this week's meeting.... I have to hit the road.....
Xaa: Yep, I should get back to writing my books and composing my music.
Merle: I need to draw some pictures and stuff.
Zybolt: I guess I'll go back to trying to log on to Furcadia as myself.
Krum: I'll go back to being AFK.
NiteMyste pads off into the bright sunlight.... Damn... where are my shadows....?