This article has nothing to do with sex, but we got your attention. Now sit back and enjoy another meeting from FLC.

Clawz: so then I said "NO DONT OPEN iT!!!!"
Clawz: and the idiot did anyway!
Clawz: AND the Dust came out and made everyone go Crazy
Clawz: but not ME
Krum: heh
Clawz: WHOOEEEE IT was Fun!!
NiteMyste: Alright... It's about time to start the meeting....
Clawz: OK Im bored of tHis place!! Im goin back to furcadia to scare the NEwbies!
Clawz coughs up a Hairball and throws it at Nitemyste
Clawz Spins away!
MoonStallion: That guy is stranger than I remember.
NiteMyste: Hmm.... Well..... Now we have to find another source of comic relief...
Krum: He'll be back.
Xaa: Krum is right. He'll get bored of Furcadia again soon.
MoonStallion: Krummy can be our comic relief until Clawzie comes back!
Krum: heh
Xaa mousie-grins.
Krum: Get ready for when Clawz returns. We'll have to sing "But the cat came back, the very next day..."
Runner grins.
Xaa: Heh, you'll have to work a bit on that humor for the next meeting, though, Krum. ;)
MoonStallion: No kidding! Keep telling jokes like that, and we'll have to start calling you Vlady.
Krum: heh
NiteMyste chuckles....
NiteMyste: Well.... As you can see.... We are getting low on members....
NiteMyste: As you probably know... Clawz recently left.... And the other day I had to ask Merle to forfeit her membership......
MoonStallion: Aw, why did you have to kick her out? She's so darn cute!
NiteMyste: I really had no choice.... She has been appearing on Furcadia way too much lately....
Xaa nods.
NiteMyste: It seems she has been trying to disguise herself as a skunk.... according to the reports I was given....
Runner: Actually, she's a lemur...
MoonStallion: A lemur is a monkey-wannabe, according to the great Homer.
MoonStallion: Simpson, that is. _
Runner grins.
Xaa mousie-grins.
NiteMyste chuckles.....
NiteMyste: So you see.... I had no choice but to revoke her membership..... She has been visiting Furcadia nearly every day..... I am extremely disappointed.... She will be greatly missed.....
Xaa nods.
Runner: So, what happened with the Overlord election? I heard you backed out...
NiteMyste nods....
NiteMyste: There were several factors involved there..... I wasn't happy with my choice for running mate....
Xaa: Why did you choose Poncer anyway? He seems like a whining twink to me.
NiteMyste: I heard that he was the leader of some debating team..... I thought it would be a good asset to have his debating skills...... But... I was mistaken.....
Runner: Hmm...
NiteMyste: After the first Vice Overlord debate... I realized we had no chance.....
MoonStallion: Was he really that bad?
NiteMyste: Here.... I'll show you a clip....
NiteMyste presses a button.... and fades into the shadows.....


Stoinker: No way! If we are elected, everyone will have a choice of which map to log on. It will be very easy to program, I assure you.
Draeven: Isn't it true that you and Entropy Serpent believe there should be laws against homosexuality?
Stoinker: I don't believe either of us have ever stated anything like that.
Draeven: Well, all I know is, I was flirting with ES one time, before all this election stuff started up, and he said "There should be a @&$#ing law against homosexuals!" or something to that effect. What does that tell you?
Stoinker: Well, I might remind you that the international headquarters of E.S. Industries is located in the Gay Hangout. What does *that* tell *you*?
Poncer: Hay! Come on! We shudn't fighting like this. Now I want you both to hugged and made up.
Shorah: LOL! In your dreams babe!
sanctimonious chuckles: Next thing we know, he will be asking Randomism to stop making fun of furres.
Shorah: Oh yeah, isn't Felorin trying to pass a law to ban Randomism?
sanctimonious: I can't confirm that.
Shorah: Yeah, well I'm sure most of Furcadia wouldn't like *that* very much if he did.
sanctimonious: I can't confirm that also.
Shorah: Can you confirm anything?
sanctimonious: I can confirm that if lord Klass is elected, then "I was in a pissy mood" and "I'm better than they are" will be valid reasons for Owslas to boot and/or/xor ban furres.
Shorah: Excuse me, twirp. I was under the impression that those already *are* valid reasons by Felorin's policies.
Poncer: This is nothing but GRIDLOCK. I feel like I'm in the middle of a PING-PONG MATCH.
Stoinker: Go suck an egg, Poncer.


NiteMyste fades back out of the shadows.....
NiteMyste: As you can see.... my choice was flawed.... He's not much of a debater.....
Xaa nods.
Krum: heh
NiteMyste: Well.... that about wraps up this meeting..... if no one has anything else.....
Xaa: Don't forget to visit and check out the continuing Oerth saga. If you like Furcadia, you'll love this!
MoonStallion: Um... I thought the whole point of this group was that we didn't like Furcadia and we left.
Xaa: Whatever, just go there and sign up.
Krum: Yeah, bitch.
MoonStallion thwaps Krummy.
Krum: heh
NiteMyste: Then.... farewell.... may the Primes be with you all.... Happy Thanksgiving to all the backward Americans...... Goodbye....
Krum: Later.
Xaa: Goodbye.
MoonStallion: See ya.
NiteMyste pads off into the shadows.... Ah.... precious shadows..... *drools//