Have You Gotten an Overdose of Furcadia?

This is a serious problem concerning players of Furcadia these days. Some don't realize it until it's too late. Others realize the problem and try to blame everyone else. Yet, it exists, and only you can help you.. and maybe we can too.

The problem is too much Furcadia. Sure, there are some people who have incredible immune systems and can handle high dosages of Furcadia, but if you are not one of these people, then you can have serious problems from overexposure to the Furcadia environment.

We at Furcadian Randomism have designed a small test in order to determine if you might suffer from FOD (Furcadia Over-Dosage). Please note that this is not an officially approved test, and therefore may not accurately diagnose your Furcadia dosage state. There may be many more symptoms that our scientists have not yet discovered.

The following is a list of questions to help determine if you've played a little too much of Furcadia. Please answer truthfully, otherwise we cannot help you properly.

Do you growl or hiss at people who try to force you off the computer when playing Furcadia?

Have you ever missed school or work because your Furcadia character has been injured?

Do you whisper Owsla Helper to see if any of your friends are online?

Are you a canal furre?

Have you been hired by Dragon's Eye Productions?

Do you spend a few weeks after each Furcadia update whining and complaining about how much better the previous version was?

Do you have a guild that keeps changing Rahs and losing members because they get overworked and frustrated and stressed out?

Have you ever made a Furcadia related website, like a news site or something, then closed it down because you didn't think people appreciated what you were doing, and then re-opened it because you missed the attention, then repeated that process several more times over the course of a few months?

Have you been banned/deleted from Furcadia, then launched a crusade to get revenge on the Furcadia staff responsible for it by making a web site that spread false rumors about these staff members, and/or posted 27641 messages on 37 different message forums that all pretty much said the same thing about it?

Do you consider yourself a veteran of Furcadia, and go around talking about how much better Furcadia was when there were only 5 players online at most at any time, and do you complain about newfangled things like lying down and the Owsla and the new walking and bots and The Circle?

If you answered Yes to:

1 to 3 questions: You better keep an eye on yourself. Don't get yourself too involved in too many things.

4 to 6 questions: You're in the danger zone now. You might want to consider taking a break from Furcadia for a little while.

7 to 10 questions: WHOA!!!! I'm surprised you're still alive!! You should have suffered a massive heart attack or something by now. I can't believe your head hasn't exploded yet! Hit the power button on your computer RIGHT NOW!!