Top Ten Signs That Your New Best Friend Is the Alt of Your Old Worst Enemy

10. (S)he constantly refers to your old worst enemy as "The greatest furre ever to grace Furcadia's server."

9. You ask your new best friend a question, then the server crashes (what are the chances?), and you get an ICQ message from your old worst enemy with an answer to the question.

8. Your old worst enemy is an Owsla, and you get into an argument with your new best friend, and suddenly you're booted and banned from Furcadia.

7. (S)he has your old worst enemy's exact same gender, species, markings, colors, and description, including the part about you being a completely moronic fruitcake.

6. Your old worst enemy whispers "Hey, what's up, buddy?_" to you, then whispers "Whoops, nevermind." and then your new best friend whispers "Hey, what's up, buddy?_" to you.

5. (S)he continuously refers to you as "stupid jackass with the brain of a deformed peanut" and then says "Oops, typo!"

4. (S)he leads you into a dream, then your computer crashes and you lose your hard drive.

3. Your new best friend's name is just an extravagant synonym of your old worst enemy's name.

2. (S)he says something such as: .somefurre LOL (s)he's falling for it! What an idiot! ROFLMKO

1. Your new best friend is Cormallen.

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