State of Confusion

Felorin: Ok, sanctimonious, Further Confusion starts tomorrow. You'll be in charge while Talz and I go mingle with strange furry-type people. Are you sure you can handle it for a few days?
sanctimonious: How difficult could it be?
Felorin: That's what SunSpirit said when I asked her to make me a turkey sandwich. But we all know that didn't turn out well. *gags*
sanctimonious: I'm sure I can handle it. I even practiced to use the :X) face.
Felorin: You're pretty good at that. :X)
sanctimonious: :X)
Felorin: Ok, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind in case certain things happen.
Felorin: First of all, don't go switching the server on and off a whole lot. Yes, it's very fun, I know (from experience). But the people at are keeping a close eye on us right now, and I don't want them to think that I don't know how to program an online game or something.
sanctimonious: Aww... ok...
Felorin: Next, if a furre wants to order wings or a dragon, you have to give them this set of things to do before they can start using their stuff. It's really just a bunch of useless junk, and it's only purpose is to stall them until I get back to activate the wings and/or/xor dragon.
sanctimonious: But this is the Circle novate tasks.
Felorin: Yeah, I know. You can make them get a mentor too, if you want. ;X)
sanctimonious grins.
Felorin: Also, if someone comes to you complaining about the Deception website, just smile and say "I not know on boom boom" and start rolling around on the ground until they go away.
sanctimonious: I can do that. :X)
Felorin grins.
Felorin: And remember, furres who break the rules no longer get booted. They get sent to The Oasis for a few hours to think about what they did.
sanctimonious: ok
Felorin: And of course, if it's something really urgent, you can use the secret code in Sancy that will instantly transport me back here from anywhere in the world. But only if it is extremely important.
sanctimonious: Yes, I know.
Felorin: Alright. Time for me to go. I need to practice my speech before we leave..
Felorin starts walking away.
Felorin: Hi! *cough*
Felorin: Hi! I'm Felorin!
Felorin: No wait...
Felorin: Hi! I'm Dr. Cat! How is everyone?
Felorin: I'd like to start off by telling a little story about how dinosaurs ate my Nerf ball. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. You see, about 65 million years ago... *fades away*

sanctimonious: Well, he's finally gone.

sanctimonious: hmm...

sanctimonious looks around...

sanctimonious goes to the closet.

sanctimonious pulls out one of Felorin's spare kimonos.

sanctimonious looks it over and puts it on.

sanctimonious poses in front of the mirror.

sanctimonious: hmm...

sanctimonious: We are sexy.
sanctimonious: We are sexy bitches!

sanctimonious sits in Felorin's throne.

sanctimonious looks around...

sanctimonious: >:X)

sanctimonious claps.

Felorin appears.
Felorin: How did I know you would do that?
sanctimonious shrugs: psycho?
Felorin: I think I'll be taking this clapper with me.
sanctimonious: Oh, poo.
Felorin: And don't get my kimono all dirty again.
sanctimonious: Ok, fine.
Felorin: And if Mike Myers finds out what you said, then you're on your own.
sanctimonious: Oh, I'm *really* scared about him.
Felorin: Ok bye! :X)
Felorin poofs.
sanctimonious: Yeah, bye. :XP

sanctimonious: Wow, what a weak ending. I expect more from Randomism. Don't *you*?