How to Make a Furcadian Guild

If you are interesting in creating a Furcadia Guild of your own, we've taken the liberty of laying out the steps to take in order to maximize your chances of success. Good luck!

1. Visit as many existing guilds as possible and take note of the most abundant and most annoying types of guilds that exist (i.e. orphanages or help guilds). What you want to do is make one of these types of guilds. The more, the better.

2. Find a dream you really like. Download MorProxy and use that to save a copy of the dream. Now you have a dream of your own.

3. Click 10 random furres and write down their names. These are your Founding Members. You will need these names when you apply for your charter.

4. Make a web site for your guild that contains a lot of Javascript errors. People will think you're really working hard on the site and that when it's done, it will be really cool. They will bookmark it and come back often.

5. Now you are ready to submit your charter. Send an email to Talzhemir requesting that your guild be chartered. If she does not respond within ten minutes, re-send the email. Keep sending it every ten minutes until she responds. It shouldn't take long.

6. Upload your dream in the main building on Allegia Island, preferably next to a popular dream so that furres may accidently fall into yours.

7. Annoying bots get the attention. The best bots for announcing your guild's presence are FBM or Furbot. After you create a bot, put it on Allegria Island standing in front of your dream. You may also want to put another bot on the Vinca to let people there know that your dream is on Allegria Island. To make your bots effective, there are several things you can have them do. Make the announcement as long and as frequent as possible. Have it whisper to every furre on the map once per minute, in case they are out of range of the announcement. Have the bot constantly spin in place in order to attract furres to click it.

And there you go. Just sit in your guild dream and watch the furres roll in. Making a Furcadia guild can be one of the most exciting and uplifting experiences in a furre's life. Hopefully, you will find this to be true.