The Eyes Have It

We, the writers of Randomism, have collectively consumed massive amounts of sugar and chocolate (several years' worth in the past half hour, to be precise) in order to bring a true Halloween "special". If you, the readers, have not done the same, you may get extremely lost while reading this post.

Lookie the witches with their pixie dust wands!

sanctimonious: The dragons will sue against your asses for copyright!

Enjoy your halloween in style in the Reverie/Lost Lakes halloween celebration. The /-\ll Hallow's Eve dream is located in the normal spot of Lost Lakes (the rest area just outside the main building in Allegria). Hurry and visit, before Halloween is over. And if it is already over where you live, or you do not believe in holidays, then too bad. Visit anyway.

The dream features an array of costumes, from witch to devil to walking eyeball. The walking eyeballs were provided by Randomism's own art team (R.A.T.), so you know they must kick ass. At the time of this posting, the canines seemed to have the spookiest costumes of all. They were disquised as canines. It was also rumoured that musties were running around dressed up as musties.

Going into a Youlanda-style, sugar-induced tangent, we at Randomism would just like to announce that we do not support this segregation of costumes by species. Why must it be that all rodents will dress as really cool walking eyeballs, just because rodents themselves think they are really cool looking?

Zephyr: You WILL be assimilated! Big Brother Nikodemus is watching you. *stares*

And cats as witches, that's just a stereotype. We all know that there are at least one or two cats in Furcadia that do not have witch-like qualities. They certainly have yet to be discovered, but in theory there has to be at least a couple.

Emerald Flame: In response to that last statement... YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA_ *flies away on her broom* Come heeere kiddieees! Emmie has a treeeet for ya! *cackle*

The equines decided to take a break from standing on the Vinca and visit the costume party. Inside, they revealed their true selves. Some were successful in purchasing various souls. We heard that Ryhn got Nicklas' soul for a mere 500 kiwis.

Ryhn: OMG! I got Nickie's soul! Rhydia is sure to like me now! In your FACE Cormallen!

Nicklas: He'll probably be pissed when he finds out my soul is just the eye from an old stuffed pookie, but screw him.

There were also some more unique costumes. Here are just a few.

Skirmish disquised as Rah of Lost Lakes.

Alexsi disquised as an adult.

Maulhound disquised as a twink. (It was later discovered that he was not wearing a costume.)

Lost Lakes disquised as a bot.

And, as if you're not confused enough as it is already...

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