Isn't It Ironic?

It's the irony of a lifetime. Beekin needs YOUR help! Imagine that!

After centuries of helping all furre-kind, Beekin the Help Dragon finally sat down and said the following:

Ok... like, listen. I fly around Furcadia all day and all night, helping out furres. I tell you when someone isn't around. I show you how to walk and talk and do a whole bunch of other neat things on Furcadia. My service has always been quick and friendly and complete. Now guess what. I'm taking a break. Now it's time for YOU to help ME. That's right. I may be mighty and all-knowing, but there's one thing that I just can't seem to handle. And that is money. Of all the answers to all the questions that I know, the one answer that has eluded me from the beginning of time is where to get more MONEY! I'll be honest with you, I just don't know. So, I was hoping that all you furres out there would be kind enough to send a little bit my way, in return for all the help I've provided to you since the day you were born. Please, the help dragon needs you HELP!

Now, here's the deal. Furcadia needs a new server. Randomism is in full support of this, and here's why:

New Server = Support for more furres on Furcadia = More furres for Randomism to make fun of.

New Server = Support for more features on Furcadia = More features for Randomism to make fun of.

New Server = New hacking ground for Entropy Serpent = More reasons for Randomism to make fun of Entropy Serpent.

So, you see, Randomism cannot survive without Furcadia. When Furcadia improves, it seems only logical that Randomism will improve as well.

A donation to Furcadia is a donation to Randomism!

Now, of course, the public deserves to know where their money is going when they donate. Furcadia's goal for the fundraiser is a total of $3000 (USD). Here is a quick breakdown of what the money will be used for.

New Server: $1500

New desk and massaging swivel chair (w/internal seat heat) for Felorin: $350

Set of high quality colored pencils (64 color) and drawing paper for Talzhemir: $150

Bribe to Youlanda to not show revealing pictures of Felorin: $100

Bribe to Klass to not whine about the fundraiser: $20

Advertising fee to Randomism: $200

Excess Master Overlord campaign spending by Felorin: $160

Pairs of really cool looking sunglasses for Felorin and sanctimonious: $50

PlayStation 2: $300

Haircut for sanctimonious (w/double shampoo): $20

New underscore key for Emerald Flame's keyboard: $5

Red laser pointer thingy (the really good kind): $45

Celebration dinner and movie for Dragon's Eye staff: $100

Keep in mind that these are only estimates of what the money will be used for, since Randomism has no way of knowing for sure. (i.e. Felorin and sanctimonious have made certain not to talk about it on the GooblePlex server)

As you can see, every dollar counts. So please visit the site and consider a donation. You will not only be donating for Furcadia's future and for Randomism's future, but your own future as well. Please do old Beekin a favor, he's done so much for you.

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