FurreUhhm Correction

If you don't know of the FurreUhmm, it's a general Furcadia message board moderated by Sidereal. Many interesting things are posted on this board each day, so it is worth a bookmark. Just recently, someone posted a logfile on the board. This person obviously needs to take course in the Randomism School of Logfile Keeping, because they certainly have no idea what they are doing. We at Furcadian Randomism have taken the liberty to repair this logfile ourselves. We have staff members who did their doctoral thesis in logfile examination, and they are very good at detecting fluctuations in logfiles and restoring lost information.

The original parts of the posted logfile are in the normal text color. The restored parts are in Randomism Red. Also repaired were the names [xxx] and [yyy] to what our experts believe are the true original names on the logfile. These are in magenta.

We give you now the repaired logfile.

LENGTH WARNING   <== That's what Randomism Red looks like.

Emerald Flame: hogb _
Emerald Flame: That stands for "Hell On Green Boots" _
Emerald Flame: Hmm.._
PurrWhisper: Yoiks!
PurrWhisper: That stands forrr "Yellow Orrranges In Krrrum's Shoes!"
Talzhemir wonders where ES went to..
Emerald Flame: Hihi_
Rache: 'Alloers. =P
You say, "Hey Em._"
[ You whisper "Ejected?" to Entropy Serpent.]
Rache was wondering that as well.
Rache has a crush on him, y'know. _
Emerald Flame: Entropy Serpent and all his alts were perm banned from Sanctuary some time ago.
Emerald Flame: The last time he got a perm here, his hair scared all the children, so we perm banned him.
Emerald Flame: He should not have been allowed to be here.
Emerald Flame: He was told that he could not come back until his hair was below a certain level of curliness.
You say, "Ah."
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "Who are you? Why are you talking to me?" to you.]
Erhina LeFox snugs Emmie
Emerald Flame smacks Erhina!
Erhina LeFox: ow!
Emerald Flame: Oops, I though you were him. Sorry. _
TheArcane mews ^.^
Emerald Flame: He crashes Furcadia's server frequently and majorly harasses many..not to mention doing things like making it so when you log to Circle boards it crashes your computer
PurrWhisper: The Cirrrcle boarrrds do that enough on theirrr own as it is.
[ You whisper "I just want to know if you want to be ejected" to Entropy Serpent.]
PurrWhisper: Much betterrr. _
PurrWhisper: Oo. Halloween alrrready. _
PurrWhisper: Errr... wait... you'rrre not wearrring a mask, Arrrcane. My mistake. _
Erhina LeFox: ok Whitney_
You say, "Hrm.. I'm reading that article on the UFO site right now ^^"
TheArcane hears a familiar tail come from emmy's muzzle.
TheArcane: tale*
Emerald Flame: Ack!
Emerald Flame: Get your tail out of my muzzle, PurrWhisper!
PurrWhisper: Sorrry _
Rache: Now Emerald, be nice, you're safe here, no point in being negative around the rest of us. =P
TheArcane: Yeah, don't spread your negativity.
Emerald Flame: Never go to his site
You say, "Why? ^^;"
Emerald Flame: I went there and I got addicted, and it took me eight months to get it out of my system.
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "nope, I just leaved to AI" to you.]
Emerald Flame: He takes your IP number when you go there.
Emerald Flame: He waves it in front of your face and says "Want it back? Want it back? Ha, loser." and then he throws it in the river and walks away laughing.
PurrWhisper has a firewall and recommends them highly. _
Emerald Flame: Stick Rache
Emerald Flame: in the dungeon.
Erhina LeFox has a firewall and NetBus Dectective
You say, "Ah.. Well, I dun worry too much about that ^.^ He seemed descent enough to me."
You say, "He told me I was cute, and wanted to know if I would go to his dream later. ^.^"
Emerald Flame: I don't need a lecture from a kid who hasn't a clue what she's talking about.
Emerald Flame: If I wanted that, I'd go talk to Lerana.
TheArcane thinks this charactor sounds like somejerk Xaa tomd him about.
TheArcane: I think his name was Vlady.
You say, "Wha? o.O"
TheArcane: tomd = told
You say, "oh, Rache ^.^;"
You say, "You got BURNED, baby! ^.^"
Rache sighs. "Emerald, I'll say this. The fact that you seem to have a major thing against teens is said. However, as I am a believer in keeping the peace, I will leave and give you time to cool of
Rache pours a bucket of cold water over Emerald's head.
Emerald Flame: Don't mess with me about Chaos...most here have no clue what he's done to many. Or what he's threatened to do.
Procyon: Emmie, here's a nifty bug... my furc freezes for about 45 seconds after I enter Sanc
Emerald Flame: That means you've been banned from Sanctuary, Procyon.
TheArcane blinks, " Chaos... Gah, what's his full name?"
Emerald Flame: Rache...last warning...this is a really bad time to screw with me.
Emerald Flame: I haven't ejected anyone for five minutes, and it's starting to get to me.
[ Felorin whispers, "Eek. o.o;" to you.]
PurrWhisper: Chaos Serrrpent. You know, the skrrript Kiddie that spammed the message boarrrds and scrrrewed with a bunch of people.
[ You whisper "Eep.. I said something about you and Em went berserko.." to Entropy Serpent.]
TheArcane phews, " Thought it was Lord Chaos..."
PurrWhisper: That's how sanctimonious says it.
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "That's funny... I talk about myself all the time, and people don't go berserko." to you.]
Emerald Flame: Please do not mention his name around me again.
TheArcane: He's just as bad.
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "what did you say?" to you.]
FruitBat eek eeeks
PurrWhisper salutes. "You got it boss."
PurrWhisper: I won't say any of his names. I won't say Entrrropy Serrrpent, orrr Chaos Serrrpent, orrr Rrradu Prrrivantu, orrr Chaos Rrrift, orrr Rrretailiatorrr, orrr Rrreturrrnerrr...
[ You whisper "Just said I wondered where you went. o.o" to Entropy Serpent.]
[ You whisper "And I also said that you're hot stuff ^.^" to Entropy Serpent.]
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "what did she say?_" to you.]
[ Rache whispers, "I have to ask, is Emerald talkin' about me? =P" to you.]
Emerald Flame: And Rache's about as interested in keeping peace as a bull dog :p
[ You whisper "Yes._" to Rache.]
[ You whisper "A little too much, if you ask me." to Rache.]
PurrWhisper snickers. "That's not verrry flatterrring of bulldogs, Em. _
[ You whisper "And ES." to Rache.]
PurrWhisper: Damn, I'm good!
MidnightFire sighs and heads somewhere peaveful
Emerald Flame leaves
MidnightFire: Alright, in that case, I'll stay.
Procyon watches his furc client mess with itself.
[ You whisper "This that and the other about you being evil_" to Entropy Serpent.]
[ You whisper "And she said that you're butt-ugly too. But I still think you're hot. ~.^" to Entropy Serpent.]
TheArcane's schoolmascot is a bulldog
Crystal Lighte erks...
TheArcane: No, really. Rache is our mascot, I swear.
[ You whisper "then she left ^.^" to Entropy Serpent.]
[ Rache whispers, "Oh well, I'm not sure how much I care. =P Anything interesting I should know?" to you.]
TheArcane: Someone's in a baaaad mood :(
TheArcane: And for once it's not Klass
Erhina LeFox frowns
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "can you be more... exact?_" to you.]
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "I have a difficult time... understanding things not related to ASM._" to you.]
[ You whisper "Emmy + ES = Bad._" to Rache.]
Crystal Lighte: Who?
PurrWhisper nods. "No kidding."
Procyon: what's Emmie's thing against the dude, jeez?
[ You whisper "Logfile exact?_" to Entropy Serpent.]
Crystal Lighte: =/
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "Well... if that's the best you can do..." to you.]
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "that would be fine_" to you.]
[ Rache whispers, "*giggles* Very. _" to you.]
[ Rache whispers, "As if ES would ever get an Emmy. Have you *seen* his poor excuse for a website? Bleh _" to you.]
[ You whisper "I don't think they give an Emmy for a website yet." to Rache.]
[ Rache whispers, "Oh yeah _" to you.]
TheArcane: Aparently- he's a farkin' twink O.o
You say, "He's supposed to be evil_"
You say, "He doesn't even know the meaning of the word_"
Felorin: ^^;
PurrWhisper: Don't ask, Prrrocyon. He did some rrreally bad stuff, and that's all we need to say.
Crystal Lighte: OK... Emmie's mad at who?
PurrWhisper: She's mad at everrryone.
TheArcane: Procyon?
TheArcane: What'd he do?
TheArcane is SO out of the looop :(
You say, "Ehe.."
TheArcane has no idea what is what
You say, "You must be the alt of ES then_"
Procyon: my understanding is that he's tried to hack furc, crash it, etc multiple times
You say, "ES did stuff a long time ago that was bad."
FruitBat flys away eeking
You say, "yeah"
You say, "Hacked the Circle website"
You say, "I think he hit on Emerald Flame and Lerana a little bit too. I know he really had the hots for Lerana for a while."
[ You whisper "ICQ?" to Entropy Serpent.]
Procyon: but I met him today...
PurrWhisper nods. "He did. But he did worrrse things too."
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "What's that?" to you.]
TheArcane doesn't blame her fer bein' mad O.o
Procyon: and he didn't seem like satan to me...
Talzhemir noddles.
Procyon: he seemed more like... Nikodemus...
Procyon: you know... much more evil...
[ You whisper "Messaging program... like AIM" to Entropy Serpent. ]
TheArcane: Charles Manson is a charming man.
Procyon: Talzhemir was there also...
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "Oh right. Just a second." to you.]
Procyon: he was far from evil...
Procyon: evil couldn't even begin to describe what he was
PurrWhisper: Looks can be decieveing.
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "I wrote an ASM program that gets my number and paste it to the Furcadia client. It will only take a minute." to you.]
Crystal Lighte hrms and wanders_
TheArcane: Indeed they can.
Talzhemir has been whispering ES for the last.. hour or so?
You say, "He really seems interested in whisper-yiffing. He even wrote an ASM program that helps him do it better."
Talzhemir affs a sec
TheArcane: ES?
Procyon: elastic sausage
You say, "entropy serpent"
Procyon: oh, whoops
TheArcane: Ah..
TheArcane: Entropy's a cool word_
TheArcane: How could it be the name of such a twink?
PurrWhisper: Ah well. I think I shall wanderrr. Ta ta. _
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "25087228" to you.]
You say, "hehe_"
TheArcane: bai purr_
TheArcane: Gosh, what a weirdo "RRRello! My name is PuRRRRRRRRR!!!! ARRRRR!!!" hehe
Procyon: if there's going to be a deep-seeded hatred, I'd just like some valid reasons...
TheArcane: Isn't hacking the website and all that crud a reason?
Procyon: no, that's just fun
Procyon: there's always going to be twinks
Procyon: it's how you deal with them that show your character, imho
TheArcane: Indeed_
Procyon: I mean, I can see hating someone for always tripling his r's...
Procyon: dammit, my name is NOT Prrrocyon!
MidnightFire: geeze people can't drop the subject...
TheArcane rolls his eyes.
TheArcane is always being told to drop a subject.
Procyon: I didn't think we were holding any subject anymore...
TheArcane just likes the conversation... :(
[ Entropy Serpent whispers, "After you get on my list, I will send you a certain exe file that I need for you to run. Don't ask me any questions over it, ok? _" to you.]
Procyon: if sanctuary is a peaceful place, that's the most "peaceful" acts I've seen, I swear
TheArcane: Humm?
TheArcane didn't fallow =P
Procyon: I don't care if he's done bad in the past, Sanctuary and the Circle is about acceptance
Procyon: Nobody should ever be held responsible for anything they've done in the past... that's just foolish
TheArcane is bein' snippy tonight O.o
Procyon: and if I'm going to be shunned because someone -else- doesn't like them, I might as well quit furc now
TheArcane figures that if people don't wanna hear it+ he'll whisper =P
Procyon: in fact, I'm going to ask NiteMyste if he's still looking for members for FLC... see ya later