FurreUhhm Correction

Reader Comments

"I LMAO for about 20 minutes! I think it is the best randomity ever." - ES (2000.09.10)

"I do not have yellow oranges in my shoes! And anyway, that's a matter for the courts to decide." - Krum (2000.09.10)

"Hilarious... but felorin woulda dones :X) instead of ^.^; " - Youlanda (2000.09.10)

"*is apparently an idiot of drugs* I loved the Uhmm... Furre. Okay, I said it, now give me the five dollars, Vlady." - KyFreak (2000.09.10)

"Now that is somthing an idiot might find amusing, if he was on drugs." - Lerana (2000.09.09)