The Erotica Gang vs. Login's Zeroes

It seems there was a gang war on Allegria Island last night, and no Owsla were in "sight" to resolve the situation. Here's an on-the-spot report, complete with commentary.

KuruptDog: LOGIN
KuruptDog: LOGIN
KuruptDog: Protesting this dream
KuruptDog: Keep pressing CTRL A till you land on a dream Login

Each time a new technology is introduced, someone somewhere finds a way to abuse it.

Woolen Socks: What did you say? Sanctimonious is hot, did you say?

Now who would say a thing like that?

Login: Hahahaha
Login: sweet, right by eachother
Login takes a crap in the dream.
Login pulls up pants, "Mmm". _

I'm not familiar with gang war tactics, but is that as effective as it sounds?

KuruptDog: lag
Login: Hahaha we laggg
Login: This is a waste pf time

On the contrary. You're providing us with plenty pf entertainment.

Sett Nightblade: Move
Sett Nightblade: Login, move
Login: Why, Sett?
Sett Nightblade: 'Cuz
KuruptDog: he wants Yiffy :P
KuruptDog: lol

Now, now, The Erotica is a place for much more than yiffy. I mean, it has... you know... other stuff. Yeah.

Sett Nightblade: Actually,
Sett Nightblade: I'm a slave
Sett Nightblade: now MOVE

You've got the slave thing all mixed up. You're supposed to take orders, not give them.

Login: Visit my dreams instead.
Login uploads. _

And the ultimate irony, furres start blocking Login's dreams!

Cloudwind Stormchaser: You want to get shot?
Sett Nightblade: Cloudwind.. DO IT
Sett Nightblade: Gotta get sold..
Woolen Socks: I'll buy you, Sett.
Woolen Socks: I have two cows and a goose.

Isn't that a bit high of a price?

Cloudwind Stormchaser strikes Login with a large lightning bolt, sheilding those around her except for her target as she does

Hey, if storm chasers get to do that, I want to be a storm chaser. Now where's the storm troopers? Someone call NiteMyste.

Login: Its the Login show!

Hey, that has potential. "Next week on The Login Show: We block off all the major yiff dreams, including The Sex House and Lost Lakes!"

KuruptDog Takes a bat and knocks Cloudwind out
Khatryna: Why don't you just move?
Sett Nightblade: 'Cuz he's a ^)&$#%
Cloudwind Stormchaser punches Login in the stomach, "Move it... Or else!"


Login wants all of furc to look at him!!!

Login wants the Dragon's Eye right on him. Hey everyone! Look at him!

Login: ooh you hurt me by typing words!!! ooh

Really? How does this feel? Or how about that? You gonna cry? Huh?

Khatryna: Wow, I'm sorry that your weenie is so small that you have to use this as your only way of getting attention
Login: Want a bet? mine's a 2 footer.

Someone's been to Coney Island recently.

Khatryna: I think you have your ruler upside down there, Login
Login checks the ruler, "Nope the 0 inch mark is on left, and 12 is on right.

And you got two feet out of that?

Khatryna: And your teenieweenie doesn't even make it to the zero
Login: Ooh those words hurt me!!! Kurupt!!! They're picking on me!

Nobody needs to pick on you, Login. Your words speak for themselves.

Login: Visit my dreams instead!

Login: My dreams are much more yiffy than the Erotica!

SacredCheeseMan: its not his fault ya'll r horny
KuruptDog Takes out his 9mm

Did you measure that with Login's ruler?

Login: Ya'll want a piece o' me? come on Kurupt, lets take em' out in a fist fight.

Ah, so it was KuruptDog's fist that was 9mm... Now it makes sense.

SacredCheeseMan takes out his 12 gauge and the most powerful spell in the equine race, the T'Ragah
Hokumisha: I NEED to get into Erotica!!!

Someone let her in before she explodes!

Login kicks cheese in the balls and backflips, kicking Hoku in face...

Hey, the guy may have a small weenie, but he's got some nice moves.

Hokumisha: skew, pardon....move it...woops, didn't mean to grab your azz
Hokumisha: Are there any owsla on?

Yep, and you just grabbed his "azz".

Nabell: what's with the crowd?
Login: Autographs, anyone?

Login will be signing autographs in Mycroft's on Monday, September 25 at noon EDT. If he's not there, take it out on him.

Binzo: any owsla at all?
Nabell: owsla's hate yiff places like erotica they're probably on vacation
Woolen Socks: Owslas love yiff places.
Woolen Socks: They yiff all the time.
Woolen Socks: Look at Nikodemus. Ke's always in Nightfires, or something.
Login: Feorin and Talz have a yiff raft in Sanc.
Woolen Socks: What the hell do you think Owsla Island is for?

Wow, no commentary even necessary for that.

Login takes a crapper in dream.

That tactic must be worth it if he's using it again.

Login will move if alot of people yiff Login's alt and Kurupt!

A lot of people probably moved away when they heard that.

Whisp: where's an owsla when you need one...

Yes... Interesting query...

Login has to switch comps.
Login: BRB

So who won the gang war? Well, it's obvious. It was the secret Owsla sitting in the shadows, who first issused the pre-boot decoy which gave the illusion that Login left voluntarily, and then booted him right off. But that's just a theory.

Point to Ponder: Most of the furres who were complaining about Login blocking the dream simply walked away after he left. They didn't even go into the dream.