The furres portrayed in this shameless advertisement do not necessarily represent the real furres with these names from Furcadia, but they probably do.

Merle: Oh, I am so bored. Whatever will we do, S@sha?
S@sha: Well, why don't we have a party?
Merle: A party? That's a great idea!
S@sha: Yeah, it is!
Shadow Kestrel: Did someone say party?
Merle: Yup!
Shadow Kestrel: What kind of party?
S@sha: Umm...
Merle: A halloween party!
S@sha: It's past Halloween, dorko.
Merle: Oh poo!
HollyAnn: Hiyeee!__
Shadow Kestrel: Yo!
S@sha: What kind of party should we have, Holly?
HollyAnn: A costume party, of course! I like it when furres don't know who I am.
S@sha: But it's not Halloween.
Shadow Kestrel: Who cares? The dumb furres won't know the difference.
Merle: How about we actually make the furres draw pictures of themselves in costume?
S@sha: And then give out prizes for the best ones?
Merle: Yeah! And of course, we would all get the prizes.
Shadow Kestrel: Awesome!
HollyAnn: Hey, didn't you leave Furcadia, Merle?
Merle: Didn't you too, Holly?
HollyAnn: Oh yeah... Nevermind. _
Merle grins.
Talzhemir appears.
Talzhemir: Did someone say... DRAW?
Merle: It was S@sha!
S@sha: Was not, bitch!
Merle: You're the bitch!
S@sha: Screw you!
Talzhemir: Girls, girls. We're all bitches.
Merle: Oh yeah! ^.^
Talzhemir: So, am I invited to this party?
HollyAnn: What party?
Talzhemir: The party you were talking about before I... um... appeared.
Shadow Kestrel: Who told you about that?
Talzhemir: Oh, you know... whats-his-face.
S@sha: Albaster?
Talzhemir: Yeah, that one.
S@sha: Ah, ok. Everyone is invited.
Talzhemir: Is there a website for it?
Merle: No, let me whip one up real quick.
Shadow Kestrel: While she is doing that, let's talk about what our costumes will be.
Merle: Ok, done. F8 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
S@sha: Wow, that was quick.
Merle: Yeah, well it's really simple and crappy.
Talzhemir: Want me to make an announcement about it?
HollyAnn: Do furres really pay attention to those?
Talzhemir: How should I know?
Merle: Sure, go ahead. ^.^
Talzhemir: Ok, Youlanda.
Merle: Ja matta wittu. :P
[=] Talzhemir announces: Attention everyfurre! Merle has something she would like to tell you all about. We are on the Vinca. F9 NOW!!
Talzhemir disappears.
S@sha: I hate it when she does that.
Merle: Yeah, that's almost as old and repetitive as Randomism.
Shadow Kestrel: I think we better haul ass outta here.
S@sha: Good idea, let's get.

Natalie: Where is everyone? I hope I didn't miss something important...

[#] A tumbleweed rolls across the Vinca.

Natalie: Oh, flurglesticks.