Rodents Everywhere... and Nowhere

You may have noticed the sudden increase in the rodent population in the past few days. Of course, this is a wonderful thing, but why did it happen so suddenly? Well, it is due mostly to the discovery of a bug in Furcadia that lets you be invisible.


Yep, invisible. Remember when the release of the update was delayed so that they could fix the invisibilty bug? Well, they didn't seem to fix it. And now furres all over Furcadia are tripping over bumps they can't see and trying to grab objects they just can't seem to reach, all while other furres in the area point and snicker.

And, apparently, rodents are the only species that can pull this trick. But then again, everyone always knew rodents were special. Anyhow, we at Furcadian Randomism thought that every furre should know how to do this trick, because if everyone is invisible, then no one can complain about someone else being invisible, eh? Cute fuzzy logic.

So here we bring you, the steps to becoming invisible on Furcadia.

1) Log on to Furcadia as a rodent. If you don't know how to do this, open your furcadia.ini file, go to where it says Spec=### and make the middle number 0. Or you could use FurEd, but that's more complicated.

2) Press ctrl-s, and run around in circles yelling "Master Socket can kick Owsla Helper's ass any day!" for about 90 seconds.

3) Go to Meovanni, press ctrl-u, walk SE into Mycroft's, and say "You all need to get a life!"

4) Press ctrl-s, then go to the New Haven (which is actually the old Haven, because the guild named The Haven is actually newer than the New Haven, but don't let that confuse you). Go up to the Help desk, and if someone is there, ask them how to walk, talk and crash the server. If no one is there, go ride on the rollercoaster to pass the time.

5) Press ctrl-s once again. Go to the NE side of the Vinca. You should see a line of equines. Go up to them and say "HAHA! Equines can't be invisible! Niener Niener! :P"

6) Go to Allegria Island and go to the north, where the stonehenge type place is. Stand inside the circle of stones chanting "Uma Uma Buma!" while spinning in place. Continue this for three minutes.

7) Whisper "help" to Nicklas.

8) Run around the fire seventeen and a half times, making careful sure NOT to fall in the Dreamweaver's dream (this will cause you to have to restart the entire process, after professing your love to every furre in the dream).

9) Whisper "I know where you live." to Philantha and whisper "Philantha knows where you live." to Youlanda.

You will now be invisible. You will still be able to see yourself, but you will be invisble to everyone else. So you may do whatever you want to do. You can block off the Sanctuary, or go into NightFires and spy on the yiffers, or see if your friends really like you, or go to Mycrofts and spy on the yiffers. The possibilities are endless. Happy Invisibling!