Missing Friends

Our good Dragon's Eye buddy sanctimonious has a website that has become an ultimate disaster of some kind. It's a great site to go get software stuff for Furcadia, or so we are told. One of the features of his site is a list of his closest friends that he took the time to share with us. Now, everyone knows that sanctimonious is a very busy person and therefore he didn't get to list all the friends he wanted to. We at Randomism took over and finished it up for him, in return for all the secret logs he has so anonymously provided us.


Another fellow programmer-rodent who has helped me a lot by working on the client side of some of my programs, such as DreamEd, FurEd, FurBot and DogProxy. We didn't get along at first because he made the Owsla Helper bot which really made a lot of Owsla not like him. But after I got him to change the program so it bugged Emerald Flame more than the other Owsla, we became fast friends. :)


I knew she was a good friend when she made Felorin do my laundry for me. Felorin can be a stubborn person, but she can make him do almost anything. I think he has the hots for her, but you didn't hear that from me. ;) She is always very helpful to me. If I don't like someone, she gets them banned from Furcadia. If I try to get Shadowborn to ban someone, he just bans me. Maybe I'll get Talz to ban him...


Another furre who has helped me out some times. I never liked the idea of Felorin charging money for things like wings and dragons, but I didn't want to tell him because I thought he might have me fired. So I convinced Klass to bring it up at a big Owsla/Beekin meeting. In return for that I didn't delete his website again. He is so cooperative and that makes him a good friend. :)


Vlady is another little twirp I know. When we first met, I had a bell tied to my tail and he was making fun of me for it. He can be very annoying to be around sometimes, because he tells a lot of bad jokes and things, and gives people a headache. But I learned to live with it and now we pass time by sharing interesting logfiles. I have one about a secret love affair between him and Talzhemir that is fun to read. Maybe I will post it on my site some time. ;)


She is a fellow website maker that has been a great friend for a while. She was the one who convinced me to ask for website votes when you download the software. Then she started doing the same thing and we had a argument about that, but that is all past us now. :) She is also a very good artist. And she has a Furcadia website with a bunch of neat stuff on it. Don't mind the message that says it's closed, that's just a trick! The link at the bottom of that page will still take you to the site. :)

Entropy Serpent

He has been a very good friend of mine for a lot of time now. He helps me find bugs with the Furcadia client and my web server and things. We like to pretend to argue and hate each other a lot, but after that we always go have a drink at Mycrofts together and laugh about it. You'll probably be knowing him as the webmaster for the "sanctimonious fan club" website, whenever he gets it up and running. Here is his email address if you want to bug him about it: raduprv@programmer.net


Merle is a good friend and a very good artist, and she has an awesome website. She drew pictures of me many times. You won't find any of the pictures on her website because they are a little bit erotic. :) But I enjoy all her art and all the whisper conversations we have had in the time we have been friends. She has recently left Furcadia for school and stuff, but everyone, especially me, hopes that she will stop and visit often. :)