Master Socket Everywhere

Master Socket, the infamous 'Big Sister' of Furcadia, has been a mystery since the beginning of time. She has been watching over all the lands of Furcadia ever since fuures started appearing here. There are many myths and legends concerning this mysterious being. We only have time for one.

The beautiful rodentess roamed the chaos, searching for something that could be something. She happened across a small area where she felt something special. "This is where my new world will be," she thought. She looked around, deciding what she should do first. She closed her eyes and brought the forces of fur together to smooth out the chaos. She opened her eyes and saw before her a vast, quiet darkness. "This won't do," she thought, "something is missing.." She thought long and hard for several hours, until she realized what she needed to do. Then she said the words that would echo throughout eternity, the words that would shape the entire future of Furcadia...

"Let there be origami," she said.

Immediately there was a bright flash of light accompanied by a loud crash. After a few seconds, the light dimmed slightly. Then, in front of the rodentess, appeared a silver and black tabby cat, wearing a mischievous grin - and a purple kimono embroidered with golden dragons. In his paws he held a bright, golden origami dragon similar to the ones on his kimono. He held it out to the rodentess and smiled. She took the golden dragon and gently placed it in the sky, to shine over her new world and bring life.

And bring life it did. Beings like the tabby cat started to appear all over. The rodentess liked how the cats looked, but they weren't quite right. She wanted to create a being in her own likeness, but this was her first time creating life, so she wasn't the best at it yet. She tried two more times and came up with what are now canines and equines. Still, this did not satisfy her. "Sure, they are all beautiful and amazing," she thought to herself, "but I know I can make it perfect."

The rodentess practiced long and hard, then came up with another new species, which would become known as the mustelines. "Oh!" she exclaimed, "I am so close now, I can feel it!" She went into a deep meditation for several days, and when she opened her eyes, she knew it was the moment of truth. She carefully crafted the new life, and when she was finished, she looked at the being in front of her. "It's perfect!" she said, "It's most definitely worthy to be called rodent."

After the creation of the furres, the rodentess was incredibly tired. She met with the original furre she created, whom she named Felorin (after her favorite ska band), and told him that she needed to take a rest. She told Felorin that she would be sleeping in an invisble socket in the sky, and that she would return when it was nearly the end of the world as furres know it.

"Yes, master," said Felorin.

And with that, Master Socket, as Felorin eventually began to refer to her as, disappeared in a bright flash.

Now, recently, there have been many reported Master Socket sightings in Allegria, Vinca, Meovanni and many other places. Could this be the beginning of the end? Only time will tell.

There are, of course, other legends, such as the one relating Master Socket's initials to a certain software company, which also reveals Felorin's true identity. But that story will have to wait until another day.