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Randomism will continue after these words from our sponsors.
(Shh... They don't know they are our sponsors.)

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Incoming Help Request in 3...



And... Go!

* Help Request from Fangrelle: me baby, you are one hot kitty!

Elizabeth Kitty: cliam fangrelle
Skirmish: clam fangrelle
Elizabeth Kitty: NO!!
Skirmish: It's MINE!!
Elizabeth Kitty: Like HELL it is!
Skirmish: calim fangrelle
Elizabeth Kitty: lcaim fagnrelle
Skirmish: DAMMIT!
Elizabeth Kitty: @#$%!
* Fangrelle's Help Request has been claimed by tippie.
Skirmish: AW! Jerk! :P
Elizabeth Kitty: That damn cat. :p
tippie: hehe ;)

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"Mommy, mommy! What's that thing!"

"That's a dragon, honey."

"A dragon? It looks like a horse with a big nose to me!"

"No, no. It's a very beautiful dragon, honey."

"Ew.. It's looks ugly to me! That other one over there looks beautiful!"

"That one? That looks more like a big rat with ragged wings and a huge overbite. How can you call that beautiful?"

"It is! It's pretty!"

"I think it would make a good scarecrow for our Halloween decorations, nothing else."

"You're just jealous!"

"Don't talk to your mother like that!"

Different furres have different tastes. That's why we like to have choices.

Jaguarbie style

VonKestrel style

When you shell out $49.95 for your dragon character, tell them you want to choose.

Paid for by the Pro-Choice for Dragons Association of Furcadia.

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With ALTer, you get a convenient list of all your Furcadia characters, and you're just one double-click away from pure ALTing fun!

But don't listen to us. Listen to satisfied customers.

sanctimonious: It was always been hard for me to keep my alts in the order. I always confusing my female alts with the males. This can make some very awkward moments. With ALTer it is so easy, any children could do it!

Runner: ALTer has changed my life... I used to accidentally log on as Runner all the time, and furres would be like "Hey! You're still around!" With ALTer, I never make that mistake...

KyFreak: Logging on as Water City is easier than ever! I can eject five times as many bots and senators than I ever could! Thank you ALTer!

ALTer by Draeven

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