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Daddy: Where should we take the kids this year, honey?
Mommy: I don't know, sweetie. But I don't think we should go to Moonlocke Valley again.
Daddy: No kidding! The brochure looked nice, but... YEESH!
Mommy: I don't even want to think about it.
Brats: Mommy! Daddy! We wanna go to LEGOLAND!!
Mommy and Daddy: LEGOLAND?
Brats: YAY!!!___

Elizabeth Kitty: You heard right. LEGOLAND! Right here in our very own Furcadia! Courtesy Quartaroy!
Mommy and Daddy and Brats: WOW!
Elizabeth Kitty: You're darn right wow. Just look at all these neat things!

Little LEGO guys in little LEGO cars. It's so cute! Give 'em a push. You can't move them, but we can laugh at you trying!

Fly away in a custom made LEGO helicopter! You really can't, but you can sure look at it. Look!

Go for a ride on the big fire-breathing LEGO thingies! They don't move, but sitting on them is a thrill! Just look at those happy campers!

LEGO birds are flying all over the place. Holy wow! Look at 'em fly! Oops, there's a dead one on the ground over there. I guess LEGOs don't live forever.

Take the LEGO Express to the other side of LEGOLAND! If the conductors are asleep, you can play games of limbo right underneath the trains. Better hope they don't move!

Need refreshments? Go to the Shark's Mouth sodapop fountain. Don't worry, it's not a real shark. It won't eat you... or will it? Haha! Scared you!

Don't miss the dragon sparring! There's one every 15 minutes on Main Street. Watch as the funny looking non-LEGO dragons breathe pixie dust on each other! Point at them and laugh! Go on, do it!

Quartaroy: Frickin' great, isn't it? _

Elizabeth Kitty: So don't delay! Everyone in Furcadia, go to Allegria Island and press F3... NOW!
Furres: LAG!
Elizabeth Kitty: Hehe! In your FACE Talzhemir!

LEGO is a registered trademark of whatever company makes LEGO. You should already know that, you dimwit. Shame on you.

Runner: Did someone say... LEGO?! *drools*

Be afraid...

Be very afraid...

From the shadows of the darkest regions of Furcadia comes.....


Seriphim: i never knew how much of a twink i was until i saw this site! thank u for showing me the light deception!

Entropy Serpent: I love it! They let me @%#$ing swear in the message board

Vlady: Until I saw this website, I thought I was a normal furre. ;) Who knew? ;)


Poncer: Hmmmmmm, now as I am thinking, I don't think Valkaria or Makanshi are not leaders or should have power at all.

"All your base are belong to us."

Philantha: What the hell does that mean anyway? :P
Makanshi: I don't know, Damir said it.
Philantha: I think he was sniffing glue. :P
Glue: What? O.o
Damir: AHAHAHAHA!! C'mere you! >:)
Glue runs away.
Reet: I'm cool!

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You, yes you, can make a difference.

As you probably know, Furcadia is getting a better server and supporting more players. More players means more twinks, and we need to beef up our staff to take care of them all.

Shadowborn: I want YOU to join the Owsla today.
Magic Cat: Me? O.o
Shadowborn: No, not you.
Magic Cat: Whew!

Of course, it's not like you can apply to join the Owsla, so there is really no point to this advertisement. In truth, we were just really bored.

But in conclusion...

Bow down to the mighty Owsla, mortals!

Thank you!