Myth and Reality

Every culture has myths, and Furcadia is no exception. While some myths try to explain mysterious things, such as how Baru Kuma has gotten so many hits on his site, others are just plain misconceptions that furres want to believe because it pleases them more than the truth. These are the myths that we are going to focus on and destroy today.

Myth: The Haven Guild is just a cheap copy of the Circle.

Reality: The Haven Guild actually existed first, but the leaders of the Circle brainwashed the population of Furcadia to make them believe the Circle has existed for nearly three years.

Myth: Felorin is the main person in charge of Dragon's Eye.

Reality: Felorin actually works for Mech. Mech first programmed DragonSpires, then let Felorin maintain it while Mech created Furcadia. By the time Mech finished the first public version of Furcadia, Felorin had messed up DragonSpires so bad that Mech had to take it back and completely redo it from scratch. Mech decided that DragonSpires was more important to him and he let Felorin keep Furcadia.

Myth: The character "Chaos Serpent" was deleted from Furcadia by Felorin.

Reality: Chaos Serpent's player wrote a faulty bug into his ASM program that he was using to hack into sanctimonious' web server, and it deleted his Chaos Serpent ini file, and he forgot his password.

Myth: The characters "Ryhn" and "Roland Lor'sea" are played by the same person.

Reality: Roland Lor'sea was actually the alt of Cormallen. As more furres started suspecting this, Cormallen found he could no longer simply ban them all. Instead, he "killed off" the character of Roland Lor'sea, then bribed a fairly new player to Furcadia (Ryhn) to claim that Roland was his own character. In return, Ryhn received the nomination for an Owsla position.

Myth: Emerald Flame was invited to move and live near Felorin to help work on Furcadia.

Reality: Felorin has no idea that Emerald Flame is stalking him.

Myth: Dragons can change between species at will.

Reality: Every dragon character's view screen is relayed to a remote server in Finland, where sanctimonious monitors and controls all actions of the dragon characters on Furcadia. He decides when they become dragons, and he also controls whether the dragon breath will crash everyone in sight. The reason dragons haven't been made publicly available yet is because sanctimonious is waiting for delivery of a better server with more monitors.

Myth: Woundwort is an Owsla.

Reality: He's just really good at not being caught by the other Owsla while he does his impersonations. Since he is also Krum's alt, he was able to get his name on Owsla Helper to make it even more convincing. He also hacked into the Owsla website to get his name put on there.

Myth: Klass is just a furious hot-head who will explode if he doesn't eject someone from Water City at least once every three minutes.

Reality: Klass is just a furious hot-head who will explode if he doesn't eject someone from Water City at least once every three seconds.