I Had a Dream...

sanctimonious: how will we solve this problems with so many bots in Allegria, lord Felorin?
Felorin: Simple.
Felorin: What do 95% of the bots in Allegria do?
sanctimonious: spam?
Felorin: Well, 100% of bots do that, yes.
Felorin: But 95% of bots on Allegria are only there to point to dreams.
sanctimonious: ah, yes. But what do we do about this?
Felorin: Well, if the bots have nothing to point to, there will be no reason for them, yes?
sanctimonious grins: I see, lord Felorin. _
Felorin: Of course you do. :X)

And so... Felorin said "Let there be no dreams!" and it was done. And Felorin was happy.

In a big crash of the server, the dreams were wiped from the face of Furcadia, never to return again.

With Water City gone, the twink population went into shock. Some began running in circles, while others simply passed out. Walking down Allegria's main street, furres had to step over frothing, spasming half-dead twinks crying "Colo! Colo!"

The absence of Lost Late caught many furres off-guard. Counselors had to be brought in to ease the suffering, while KeeZy tried his best to keep the peace. Eventually, however, he was broken down into a whimpering baby, as he could no longer take the pain. It was truly a sad sight.

One furre just couldn't handle the loss of Sanctuary at all. She first took her rage out on Ryhn. After she left him for dead, she went after the Sanctuary furre herself. You can now find the Sanctuary furre at the bottom of the river, with the fishes.

Some furres resorted to sleeping to try to get their dreams to appear. This proved to be rather futile, and only caused more frustation because of all the snoring. Finally, the waking furres started running around kicking all the sleeping furres until they woke up, so they could knock them unconscious.

It then got to the point where furres were squaring off, one on one, and duelling each other to the death, many for reasons they didn't even understand. "What did you do with the Third Ostrich???" "Nothing you freak! I'll kill you!" "Over my dead body!!" "YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

The furres of the Haven guild tried to provide their assistance, before they finally said "Screw this." and locked themselves in their dream upload area.

Vlady came home from work expecting to spend a pleasant evening in the Yiff Palace, and was horrified to find it missing. He ran frantically to the DreamWeavers to find out what happened, only to find them missing too. We think he ended up throwing himself from the main Allegria building shouting "See you all in hell!!" before he went splat on the cobblestone.

So, when all the madness finally calmed down a bit, furres realized that dreams are not so much of an important thing, and that they should focus on the more meaningful things of life, such as pookies. But some still sleep endlessly to this day, in the distant hope that they will again one day, have a dream.