The Random News

We don't report the news daily. We don't report it weekly. We report it randomly. Maybe we'll report more tomorrow, maybe we won't. Ha!

Top Story: Circle Meeting Time Reaches Record Low

This month's Circle meeting reached an all time low, at like 15 or 20 minutes or something. We're not sure, because our liason to these meetings doesn't show up until half an hour after it starts, to skip the part where Emerald Flame says all the rules. According to this logic, this must be how the meeting went.

Emerald Flame: Welcome to the Circle Meeting_ Here are the rules_
Emerald Flame: Blah blah blah_
Emerald Flame: Blah blah blah_
Emerald Flame: Blah blah blah_
Emerald Flame: Ok_ Furcadia news_
Emerald Flame: I'm really busy_
Emerald Flame: Felorin is really busy_
Emerald Flame: Timo is really busy_
Emerald Flame: Talz is playing with her kitten_
Emerald Flame: Beekin news_
Emerald Flame: I'm really busy_
Emerald Flame: Circle news_
Emerald Flame: I'm really busy_
Emerald Flame: Procyon is our featured member after his honorable battle with Chaos Serpent_
Emerald Flame: If there are no questions, then I better go, because I'm really busy_
Emerald Flame sends hugs around and flits off_
Hokumisha: I have a question.

M.F. Gets Banned From the F.U.

Yes, the furre of many names and the lover of repetitiveness and bad words and repetitiveness finally tossed up the straw that broke the FurreUhmm's patience the other day, when he posted a message that mentioned Sidereal's fetish for yiffing pookies. Chaos Serpent was banned from the FurreUhmm immediately after posting this message. The message only stayed up for 14 seconds. Chaos Serpent had this to say:

Chaos Serpent: @$!# this @$!#! I'm going to the @$!#ing randomism board!

Sidereal had no comment, as she was busy polishing her boot.

The WhiteWaterCityGate Scandal

Despite what Randomism's "Busted!" post portrayed yesterday, Klass is very much alive. However, he and many of the "Inner Circle" of Water City are currently under close investigation, as suspects for Conspiracy to Crash the Server. If found guilty, Klass, along with Shorah, Valkaria, Kiwi De L'eau, Pisces and Colosseum could face life imprisonment and torture is a real Blob Prison, where the torturers are not as kind and quick to kill as they are portrayed on Randomism. Klass was heard to remark:

Klass: If Felorin sets his grubby paws in my dream again, I'll eject the bitch so fast he'll lose his kimono.

Emerald Flame Attacked

Speaking of blobs, a whole group of the cute, cuddly, hideous creatures escaped a confinement camp and made their way to Sanctuary last night, where they overcame Emerald Flame and nearly send her up to the big circle in the sky. Had it not been for Felorin showing up and exterminating the little monsters, we might not have a Circle leader to poke fun at for a while.

One blob escaped though. It was the teeny, tiny one known as KeeZy. If you see this one anywhere, stay away and get the help of a real Owsla.