The Random News - Millennium Edition

It's the last Randomism of the millennium, probably! See you all in the next 1000 years!

Top Story: Rodent Revolution

You've heard about large groups of certain species of furres taking over a certain "spot" in Furcadia on other websites, but nothing as big as this exclusive story, brought to you exclusively by Randomism. It's exclusive!

And now for a little Furcadian History lesson. Approximately three years ago, the place now known as "The Canal" (that smelly area behind Mycroft's) was then known more widely as the rodent hangout of Furcadia. It was known as this because, at times, there would be upwards of three to four rodents there, all at the same time. At this time in Furcadian history, this was considered a lot.

Just yesterday, the rodents gathered together and decided to reclaim their old hangout, and they did so with brutal force.

Randomism: Ok, let's find some furre to talk to.
Randomism: So, what's going on here, Mr. Robbins?
Mr. Robbins: what the hell is randomism you have less than a min to explain what it is before i get bored and go aff
Randomism: We don't have that kind of time. Let's move on.
Jaea: I want to be on randomsim.
Randomism: Ok, Jaea. Have you anything interesting to say?
Jaea: Someone quote me on Randomism!
Randomism: Ok, we'll think about it.
Jaea: Bye bye!
Randomism: There goes Klass. Hey Klass! Any comments?
Klass: ew... ew... ew... omg..
Klass starts spinning.
Klass: EW.. ew... EWW.. *sputter*
Klass explodes.
Randomism: Well, poor Klass.
Randomism: Hey, look! Cormallen is a rodent too! I guess that race horse career isn't doing so well?
Cormallen: We are Mice. Prepare to have your ass laminated. _
Burma: Wtf
Burma: You tard, hehe.
Randomism: Any other observations, Burma?
Burma: Resistance is sexy.
Randomism: Alrighty then.
Goldwillow: Burma is horny?
Randomism: Well, that's not for us to decide. Anyhow, I think we've stretched this story about as far as it will go. Time to move on.
Nostalgic Thalen: AAAAAA!!
Randomism: Sorry, dude. We have other things to report. Ta!

Web Madness

The website world has been jumping this week. We have old websites resurfacing, and new websites popping up, all in time for the new millennium.

First of all, the Furcadian newspaper formerly known as the Furre Enquirer, formerly known as the Furcadian Enquirer, formerly known as NiteMyste's Radical News Page, but currently known as the Furcadian Enquirer has just restarted its presses and is now hiring. We all hope that they won't shut it down again for at least a few weeks. Co check it out!

Inspired by the utter failure of Soup Dish Times, a new website has poked its yellow head out into the Furcadian public. The Inflatable Banana is certainly an original, creative and... um... well, it's a website. And even though they stole the idea of a top ten list from Randomism, which we stole from someone else, that doesn't mean that they still can't have a bunch of crap on their website. According to our scientists, if Gotin were to comment on the Inflatable Banana, he would probably say something like "This is the best website ever made! All websites should be like this! The person who made this website is really, really cool!" But, alas, Gotin made no comment to Randomism, because he was sleeping at the time this article was written.

Dabters Down?

In a shocking announcement the other day, Poncer informed the eagerly listening Furcadian public that he was considering shutting down the Furcadia Debaters guild. Quoting Poncer from his own message board, "Don't get me wrong that we do have over 100 Furres join, they don't come to the dream not often as much."

Some believe that this shut down might be a result of some nasty emails between Poncer and certain guild Rahs. In an email to Philantha, Rah of the Third Ostrich, Poncer remarked "Sorry Philantha. You may have following some bad people here. Everybody is a suspect. It wasn't nice for you and your friends cussing, yiffing and so forth in the bar." What this has to do with the shutting down of the Debaters Guild is still a mystery, but as Poncer said, "Everybody else who reads this should get the facts first. I will update you all including you Philantha about what is going on."

So, if you see Poncer online, ask him "What are going on at the Debaters? Did it closing or what going on?" He should be happy to chat with you.