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Top Story: NevrrWintrr Invades Reality

As you might know, there was a big furry conference this past weekend, called "Further Confusion", or "FurCon" for the lazy. Apparently, at least one of the members of NevrrWintrr, but possibly several hundred, escaped from Furcadia and attended this event. The purpose of this is not quite known, but it might have been to make sure that Felorin and Talzhemir didn't take the credit of playing all of Furcadia's characters themselves, or something.

Whatever their reasons, the "spies", as we will call them, did make sure to let Furcadia's founders know that they were there, and that they were watching. A reporter caught this picture as she was on her way to the buffet.

As you can see (unless you can't), these spies just wanted to make their presence known. They left things like this all over the hotel. For example, we also found a Felorin voodoo doll that looked like it belonged to Shorah, a genie-style lamp with "Talz Was Here" inscribed on it, and a note saying "We've got your origami! You have until midnight to give us one million dragons, or BURN BURN BURN BABY!"

But the weekend passed without incident, and Felorin and Talzhemir were relatively unharmed.

And that's pretty much the end of that story.

Editorial: Dragon Attacks On The Rise

With the increase in population of dragons there is obviously an increase in population of so-called "Dragon Twinks". A long time Randomism reader might remember a prediction about this way back when the dragon character was first revealed to the public. Apparently, this prediction is quickly becoming a reality, and Dragon Twinks are are becoming more common.

Like rodents, these dragons will sometimes flock together and form groups, then start to claim superiority and attack passing furres. The reason this causes a problem with dragons is that they don't simply fight with words. No, you see, $50 buys the dragons a couple extra weapons to use on their opponents; the ability to disquise their identity as a dragon, and the hypnotizing love breath (pixie dust). This certainly puts "normal" furres at a disadvantage, even when they must face only one dragon. But if some poor soul is faced with an entire pack of dragons, then sometimes the effect is so severe that the furre's life will be changed forever, or at least until they start thinking about something else.

Take a look at this unfortunate furre. For no apparent reason, we'll call him Mr X or something.

Hardcore Mr X: ow ow ow hot
Hardcore Mr X: no stop!!
Goldwillow: DIE DIE DIE DIE
Magic Cat: Nuuuuuuu!
Magic Cat: Let's tickle him first! _
Whyte Pearl: Yeah! Get him! _
Hardcore Mr X: ahhhhhhhh!!

Now this sort of behavior is just uncalled for. Something must be done about this before it gets out of paw, or out of claw (heh, I made a rhyme). We simply cannot allow the noble dragon species to fall to the twinks like the musties have. This problem needs to be dealt while it is still small.

So, if you notice a dragon that seems to be a twink, please trick them into getting it transferred to someone more mature.

Thank you,

Editorial Writer

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For sale!
One pair of wings. Fits a mustie. Low miles, original feathers. Will trade for dragon.

Single Purple Female Dragon seeks single male rodent with wings for relationship. Must like scales and not be afraid of heights.

@%#$ing Wedding
This Saturday (3 Feb) around 3-4pm EST, the lovely Phiona will marry me, the Almighty* Entropy Serpent! If you don't come to the wedding, you will pay. And/or/xor your children will pay. And/or/xor your children's children! So, just come to the wedding and have much fun, I promise. Just come online at that time and whisper to me (Entropy Serpent) "Where's the @%#$ing wedding, MF?!" See you there!

* - We at Randomism are looking into Entropy Serpent's claim to be "Almighty". So far, there is no proof of this. We will keep you updated.