The Random News

We don't report the news daily. We don't report it weekly. We report it randomly. Maybe we'll report more tomorrow, maybe we won't. Ha!

Top Story: Hell Freezes Over

Due to the change in seasons and the recent burst in the population of Furcadia, the place once known as Water City was overcome by a massive cold wave that literally froze the city solid. Twinks were found huddling together to keep warm, yelling obscenities at each other until they could no longer speak. The only building in the city that had any heat was Klass' personal mansion, which he locked Pisces and himself in. When we knocked on the door to ask him what we was doing about the situation of his city, he simply stuck his head out the window, said "Bah! Humbug!" and slammed the window shut. The window soon fogged up after that.

Rameen Festival Location Moved

At the last minute before the start of the Rameen Festival, the location of the festival was changed from The Sanctuary to Allegria Island. The furres in charge of the festival claim this is because they don't want give furres the wrong impression. According to Zephyr, they don't want to seem like they are partial to the Circle, so they held it in more of a general Furcadia place, which Allegria certainly is. Zephyr was also heard to remark that another reason it wasn't held in the Sanctuary was because "it really smells in there".

The festival was still going at the time of this posting, and despite the crowds and a drunken brawl between Emerald Flame and Ayeka Jurai, it seems to have been going pretty well. More news on this as it progresses, or not.

New News Site Emerges

After a long drought, Furcadia once again has a site for news, Furcadia Weekly. It seems to be a rather reliable source of Furcadia news so far, with only the first issue released at this moment. The editor of this newspaper is still unknown to us, but we will be sure to spill it to you once we find out. Suspects are: NightShade III, Zephyr, sanctimonious, Rache, Felorin, Stoinker, Youlanda.

Nikodemus Sightings Abound

There have been reports all over Furcadia of Nikodemus sightings, and these have been increasing dramatically during the Rameen Festival. Several furres reported seeing him running around Allegria saying "U will B assimilated!!" One unfortunate furre claims to have had a close encounter with him.

Kannikah: I turned around, and there he was, in dragon form. I was speechless. We stared at each other for a few moments, and then he smiled. I started to smile back when he blew dragon dust in my face. When I opened my eyes, he was running off laughing.

We are still not sure which reports are genuine and which are hoaxes. But please, if you even think you see Nikodemus, stay at a safe distance, and be sure to let us know.