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"P.S: I also heard that Nikodemus said Vlady's mom was hot." - Not Kannikah either (2000.10.16)

"Wasnt Nikodemus supposed to be in boot camp? Well anyway I heard that while he was in boot camp one of his "cell mates" dropped some cigarette ashes on his new boots (which were sent to him by his mom) and Niko went totally bezerk! He picked up the guy and stuffed his head through the jail cell bars, they had to get 8 firemen just to free his head from between the bars, but's that's not all! They sent Niko to a more disaplined jai..err..boot camp..well he stayed there but got bored after a while and started to dig his way out of his cell with the plastic spoon which his girlfriend from highschool ate her vanilla rice pudding with then kissed it and told Niko it was a sign on their eternal love. After digging for awhile, expecting to to be about somewhere in his home town, he stuck his head out of the dirt only to find himself in China! So he kept on digging and digging and when he popped his head out of the dirt this time, he was finally right smack dab infront of his house and he went inside and found a note to his brother from his mom telling his brother that she went to Niko's boot camp to bail him out! This is a true story, I heard it from a friend of a friend of mine." - Not Kannikah at all. (2000.10.16)