The Random News

We don't report the news daily. We don't report it weekly. We report it randomly. Maybe we'll report more tomorrow, maybe we won't. Ha!

Top Story: NevrrWintrr Attacked

Earlier this morning, the normally quiet and peaceful guild of NevrrWintrr was suddenly invaded by the forces of Super S Goku. The attack was brutal and swift, and all members present in the NevrrWintrr dream were taken prisoner. At present, the intentions of Super S Goku are still unclear, as they will not talk with negotiators. However, the leader agreed to a short interview with Randomism. Here is the extent of that interview.

Randomism: So, what's up?
Super S Goku: not much just hangin' out.
Randomism: Did you visit the Oktoberfest in Water City?
Super S Goku: yeah it pretty much sucked.
Randomism: No kidding. Hey, I see you're wearing a 'Felorin for President' badge.
Super S Goku: oh oops... that was just a joke I was playing on someone.
Super S Goku rips off the badge and throws it in the toilet.
Randomism: So... do you like cheese?
Super S Goku: depends. are we talking about the real homemade stuff, or that crap that mangefur sells in sanctuary?
Randomism: Oh, the real stuff, of course.
Super S Goku: mmm... cheese...
Randomism: Yeah...

Super S Goku went on to say that they do not plan on stopping here. After they finish securing their place in NevrrWintrr, they will move outward and take over more dreams, starting with the Dreamweavers and Third Ostrich. They also asked us not to reveal this information, so please do not read the previous sentence.

October Ends With A Bang

Water City closed out this year's October with a four-day long Oktoberfest, full of eating, drinking, shooting and running.

Klass: 76 furres in the dream at once! Woohoo! In your FACE HavenGuild!

The Water City Oktoberfest wrapped up tonight with a game so big it had to be held in a separate dream. Furres from all over gathered for Tyne's Overloader, the game to decide who has the most spare time. Shorah had a commanding lead with 145 for a while, until Vlady jumped in and blew her away with 197.

Vlady: I'd like to thank Klass and Shandusky and Tyne and Nicklas and Shorah and Rajaspek and sanctimonious and Sidereal and...

Our reporters then moved on from the babbling mouse to talk to Shorah.

Shorah: Damn cheating rat... Get that @#$%ing thing out of my FACE *BANG*--

What Shorah meant to say, according to Klass, was "Congratulations to Vlady, it was a pleasure competing with him and everyone else. Two thumbs up for Octoberfest! What a success! Water City RULES!"

We look forward to Water City's next big bash.

Helpers Delayed

Once again, the official Beekin Helper volunteer system has been delayed due to what Felorin is calling "technical difficulties". Apparently, when someone uses the help command, their IP, real name, and home address are inadvertently relayed to the helpers.

Felorin: We cannot begin accepting volunteer helpers until this security issue is resolved. At the moment, the only ones with access to the help channel are the members of the Beekin Council. It's okay for them to have this information, but not the general public.

Emerald Flame: Keep your eyes on the Furcadia intro screen for when the system will be ready_ And please STOP BUGGING ME about when it will be done_

Erhina LeFox: I know where you live. >:)