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We don't report the news daily. We don't report it weekly. We report it randomly. Maybe we'll report more tomorrow, maybe we won't. Ha!

Top Story: Running In Circles

Day after day, the election confusion drags on. After three recounts, Draeven has just announced that he wants another one. His argument is that the bot performing the automated vote counts, Certs, was programmed by Stoinker, which he believes should disqualify it. Draeven is pushing for a paw recount, performed by trusted members of Furcadia. He has suggested Lucki, Draxis and AerinStar.

Emerald Flame has spoken out against the paw recount. Making her opinion on the whole ordeal quite clear, Emerald Flame said the following:

Emerald Flame: I should be the damn overlord!_

It has also been noted that Entropy Serpent seems to have quitely slipped out of the public eye while the campaigns of Felorin, Klass and Youlanda whine loudly about the election. Sources say that Entropy Serpent is so confident that he will be named the next overlord, that he is not even arguing about the recounts. He has simply returned to his Transylvanian castle to prepare for his coming rule as overlord.

Stoinker: I think I speak for ES when I say "You can @%#$ing cry all you want, but you are all loser MFs! Bow to your new Overlord!"

As always, Randomism will keep its readers updated with the latest information we obtain.

Watering Cesspool?

Once one of Furcadia's favorite places to swim, the New Haven's "Watering Hole", has become so polluted that it has been deemed unsafe for swimming. Citizens and tourists to the New Haven are outraged.

Noua: The New Haven is where all the junk that the rest of Furcadia doesn't want ends up. And all the furres are always throwing their garbage right in this once beautiful watering hole! It sickens me. I can't let my kids swim here anymore!

Mystical Shadow: It's really sad that something wasn't done about this earlier. Now it's almost too late. It will take a lot of work to clean all this crap up.

Warfox: This place is almost as much of a mess as the Overlord election! I can't even stand the smell anymore... *runs away*

It seems that, with the entire Furcadian government focusing on the election results, that nothing will likely be done about this crisis any time soon. For the moment, the Owsla have been assigned to make sure that nobody swims in the Watering Hole.

Shadowborn: My, my, you're looking mighty sexy tonight, Beth.
Elizabeth Kitty giggles.
A furre: Yay! This is fun!
Another Furre: Yeah! Wheee! *splash*
Shadowborn: I like your new hairstyle. _
Elizabeth Kitty: Thanks_
Elizabeth Kitty nuzzles Shadow.
Shadowborn nuzzles back.
A furre: Look! I found a paw!
Another Furre: Ew! Don't throw it at me, freak!
A furre: LOL!
Another Furre: Dude, this water is SO orange!

Drunk Trunks

Today on the normally peaceful Allegria Island, commotion suddenly broke out when an obviously intoxicated furre, by the name of KidTrunks, stumbled loudly around the island, obviously trying to get to a dream where he could crash.

KidTrunks: i ndeea goit to SWupoer dS Gokilu *burp*!
KidTrunks: movce!!!!!!!
KidTrunks falls on his face.
KidTrunks: gfet oiutta ,mny qway!!!!!!

A Beekin helper finally helped KidTrunks to the dream of Super S. Goku after he managed to send the following help request:

* KidTrunks requests help: sa;leidpeqor ldirywe83 s,mdskns fakp;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

But KidTrunks managed to freak out most of the population of Allegria before he was successfully led into the dream.

Merle: He kept walking into me. I tried to get out of his way, but he kept coming toward me, groping me with his grubby paws, saying "giummre lopvew!". I was so scared!

Squall22: this guy kept falling down in front of me, and i couldn't get by! i didn't know what to do!

Super S Goku had no comment for Randomism.

Please, don't drink and dream.