The Random News

We don't report the news daily. We don't report it weekly. We report it randomly. Maybe we'll report more tomorrow, maybe we won't. Ha!

Top Story: Artistic Arrest

In a shocking development yesterday, Ayeka Jurai, usually known as the sweet, kind, caring, charming kitty, was arrested after seventeen hour standoff with the Owsla in the Sanctuary Tower. In there, she took hostage several of the top members of the Circle, including Poncer, Ridere and Gotin. Here's some footage from the scene.

{S} Shadowborn shouts: Come on, Yeeks! We won't hurt ya! We just wanna have a little chat. Come on down, we'll give you cookies!
{S} Ayeka Jurai shouts: You'll never get me alive, you freaks!
Ryhn: This is going nowhere! Gimme that!!
Ryhn swipes the megaphone from Shadowborn.
{S} Ryhn shouts: Turn yourself in now, bitch! Before we get nasty!
{S} Ayeka Jurai shouts: If you come anywhere near the tower, I'll throw Lithius off, I swear!
KeeZy: We don't have time for this!! Screw Lithius! Let's go get her!
KeeZy and the rest of the Owsla run to the tower.
Shadowborn sighs.
Shadowborn: I'm getting too old for this shit.
Shadowborn runs to the tower.

The Owsla managed to finally capture Jurai, with only one hostage lost. No, really, we mean lost. No one can find him.

Anyway, the charge against Jurai was forgery. Recently, she has been creating forged documents and selling them, or using them to her advantage. One example is this birthday card given to Emerald Flame, made to look as though it was from Randomism.

Jurai is out on one million kiwi bond, provided by Klass. A trial is being scheduled.

The Dust Strikes Back

It's well known that dragon dust can have the immediate effect of crashing someone's client. According to Dragon's Eye, they have not yet released dragons to the public yet because they want to fix this bug first. However, after several months of using this excuse, it has become quite clear that this is not the reason the dragon release is being postponed. Apparently, Dragon's Eye wanted to test the long term effects of having dragons in the Furcadian public. One of the results of this test has finally surfaced. A random reporter caught this picture.

Many furres thought themeselves to be immune to dragon dust, because it never crashed them. However, they never considered the long term effects the dust might have on them. Some furres, such as the unlucky one seen above, have only just recently begun to experience these long term effects. Of course, no one is more interested in the details of these effects than Dragon's Eye themselves. In the photo above, we see a certain member of Dragon's Eye (he requested that his name not be given) chase down the poor furre in order to take him to SanctSoft Labs for testing.

What other long term effects does dragon dust have on normal furres? If you think you have come into contact with dragon dust at any time, then you might want to get checked for any unusual signs. Shrinkage is just one of many possible side-effects of dragon dust contact. Other predicted effects are abnormal fur growth, extra arms, legs, tails or wings, and twinkism.

More on this as it develops.

New News

With the sudden appearance and the equally sudden and quick cancellation of Furcadia Weekly, another Furcadian news source has surfaced recently. The Soup Dish Times has just opened its presses.

This Furcadian newspaper is a new breed of newspaper, in that it is completely run by children. Yes, you must be under the age of 10 in order to get a job at this newspaper. But, they still cover stories that concern all Furcadians, young and old.

We will be keeping our eyes on the development of this newspaper. You should too.